Not Making a Divine Being God

Posted by wizanda on 1638145643
Part of the problem with this whole issue is that theology has become muddled since Babylon, where the meaning of ancient Hebrew became confused, and therefore the theology has as well.

There is multiple religious ideologies globally, where the Divine Council of 24 elders surround the Throne of God, and these were Elohim in the Bible, Avatars in Dharmic texts, and Archangels would fit more appropriately.

People turned the Divine Council into demigods in the past, and the church has tried to create a monotheistic system without it; though it exists in both the Quran (38:69, 37:8) and the Bible (Psalms 82:1).

Isaiah 46:9 says, 'El is not like the Elohim', where it points back by its wording, to the ancient theology in Deuteronomy 32:7-9... Where El Elyon (God Most High) gave the nations to the Elohim, and Israel to Yahavah Eloh.

When we translate El Elyon into Arabic, Ala Ilah means the God Most High.

There is one Source to reality - Allah, Ahura Mazda, Brahman, El Elyon, God Almighty, and then there was the Divine Beings who interacted with reality.

Yeshua according to context explained in the Bible was a Divine Being (Eloh), and Yeshua's source, which is commonly put as father or parent, is the Source of reality (El Elyon or Allah).

Thus if people understood theology better, they'd understand where Paul was saying 'we have one Lord, and One God'; everything comes from the Source of reality, yet Yeshua as Messiah, was the word of God made manifest to communicate with mankind.

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