Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted?

Posted by qOLOp on 1127955766
Hi David, if aliens, means not living or from earth, then angels could be aliens.. Because earth was made for mankind. Angels were made for the courts of heaven, it would seem. There have to be many planets with life on them. In Job we are told all the sons of God, were at a meeting with God, then satan walked in, uninvited and wanted Job.. We know the story. However wat we miss is the "sons of God" thing. Who are they? I think they are the first two created beings of other worlds, like Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would be at this meetimg, as the ambassadors of planet earth. "sons of God"

Sister White, a 7th day adventist was taken out of her body and taken to some other planets that had not fallen. She said they looked like people, but in the express image of Jesus, whatever that means. She also saw Enoch on a certian planet and they chatted for a bit. Now probably there are other dimensions that have different kinds of life forms, however all sister White saw was people, like on 3 different planets. Some say there are at least 99 planets of people, because the bible says Jesus left the 99 sheep, to fetch the one lost sheep. I dont know if we can use that, but its a thought. I feel Definatly that UFOs are used to transport angels, and the 24 elders and other humans from other planets, in this war over earth, with satan. A friensd of mine has a NASA video. In the space just outside of earth, the second heaven, ya can see a ufo shooting at another ufo, coming in from deep space. They are fighting it out. Now satAn cannot hit one of heavens ufos, but he can make them dodge and stall them. Remember when Daniel had that vision, then 40 days later an angel appeared and told Daniel about the vision? The angel said,"I would have been here sooner, but the principality of Persia opposed me, and it took me 40 days of fighting to get past him; but now I am here". They probably were slugging it out in ufos...This stuff is easy to see when ya compare bible verses with nasa film footage, ect. I suspect Enoch, Moses, and Elijah all have a ufo from heaven assigned to them. Someday I will get mine. Maybe you'll get one too David, wouldnt that be cool....We serve a wonderful God, and the bible says we have no clue, what He has in store for us, once the devil and sin are killed off. I can hardly wait.. dude out...peace

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