Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted?

Posted by qOLOp on 1128056582
Hi David, Dude here - so you have seen that Nasa footage. thats remarkable dude. I have been trying for 15 yrs to get somebody to talk to me about Ufos, in churches; and they just look at me like I am wierd, and say, Heaven doesnt need ufos. and thats as far as they will go. Your the third person I have met who knows about that film. I have about 15 really good ufo videos.. I have some other Nasa film footage (video) showing about 30 ufos parked just outside our atmosphere. The someone from the american continent shoots at one of them with a blue beam. Could be an elctro-magnectic impluse that is laser driven. Anywho this beam is the speed of ligt, but this ufo just moved out of the way as it came for it. Thats means that ufo is fatsre than the spped of light, now the ufo saw it coming. Now how do ya see something coming like that, its as fast as the speed of light? I dont know if computors are that fast. Anywho, when that ufo moved, all thirty ufos moved and reshuffled to different places, then stopped and hovered, just like they were before we shot that beam of light at it. My question is, if this is the pentegon doing that, and if these are Heavens ufos, where does that put america, in relation with God? Do ya think Jesus takes it lightly when we shoot at Heavens Ufos. Could these be satanists, who have worked their way into technology that is classified, who are doing this? Man, this is something else. How long will God stand by and let us shoot at his Ufos antways? This is really a unique time to be living in. lol David, peace out to you too. Hey have ya ever been to a rainbow gathering.. you sound like a reformed They use to call me a Jesus freak, back in them days, I am 55 soz its been ahwhile.. later man. God love you...

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