Re: Jesus is a swear word

Posted by qOLOp on 1129352075
i see nothing wrong with Wiz's response... brenda was speaking of a subject it seems she did not have much knowledge of.. and spreading false ideas to all the readers... i mean if you wanna debate and have an open forum that's cool... it's respected by me, but the posters, before they post, need to take time to do research and have an open mind.. not just stay stuck and true to their belief. Looks like wiz went through a lot of time to get the knowledge he has, and for someone to tell him otherwise... and for it to be false at that... would upset me a bit too... all he did was ask questions... i don't see the harm at that? lashing out? didn't ook like it to me.. just looked like he was trying to make her get a better idea of what he.. and she was talking about.

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