Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted?

Posted by David_Goodpasture on 1129390121
Dude... i have some highly classified info on some goverment UFO projects that have to do with plasma shielding a triangle craft causing a negative G-force effect, to the sum of up to 90%... this means even the occupants inside can take 90% more G forces... imagine how fast we can move. Why aren't we using this stuff for space travel publicly? Are we being held down by E.T.? Perhaps things on earth are not peaceful enough yet... who knows... i think if i sit here and think about it for a couple days i can figure it out. i'm out, hope to hear from ya soon man, love to the EARTH! :P :) I've also theorized this may well be why E.T.'s are always documented as extremely skinny... the less weight you carry, the faster you can go... the less G-force that is applied to the body because you weigh less! Less matter/mass! What they need to do is put some type of matter/disrupter inside the craft so that the occupants get to zero point gravity, and can travel as fast as they want feeling no g force whatsoever. p.s. the government needs my ideas... lol i can get us whever we want to go within 20 years... just teach me the advanced hidden physics. I just love it when this stuff leaks out. It's what i live for.

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