Re: Jesus is a swear word

Posted by wizanda on 1129587881
Ok to begin with I am sorry if it appeared I was coming across harsh, I didn’t mean to be.
Even though I remember when I wrote that I did find some of the comments offensive to other religions. Knowing Brenda and having chatted on yahoo and msn as well, we still were chatting after that, so I don’t think I offended her.
It is more her church tells her not to do anything other then follow what they say.
Yet anyway all the points I put as questions, to soften it instead of saying “look a lot of them points are wrong and extremely rude to some people, of other beliefs”.
Instead I asked to question the points.
Yes, I have also heard that there was God called Allah, who was the moons God. Having read a lot of the Quran though, Mohammed makes it quite clear that Allah is the same God of the Bible.
At the time she made comment, am I wrong for answering with things, which make her question her own comments??

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