Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ

Posted by wizanda on 1136979483
As I posted before where in Genesis does it say the snake is Satan?
Where does it mention Satan in the Bible first?
If you find that Satan is mentioned in Job, and God ask where did you come from? How could it be 3 in 1 then, if Satan didnít exist at the beginning?
When Satan replies to God from walking the earth; what walks the earth?
If in most account in the Bible of Satan or the devil, it is of mans EGO why does man blame it on something else?
Who ate the apple in the beginning?
If God made the universe and saw that it was good; then if God is all seeing and made it all, how could God miss a bit?

In actual fact, Christ is the measuring line and sits at Gods right hand side, he told us not to drink, yet we re-translated it wrong on purpose, to say we could. The books of John and Paul are by Pharisees and not Christ and contradict on drinking.
Then in Godís right hand he holds a cup of foaming wine .i.e. Babylon, TEST, ect.
Do you not think it strange that both are accounts as a test in the right hand of God?

What is produced if you have rotten fruit?
What happens if a snake eats rotten fruit?
What happens if we eat rotten fruit?
What happens with the opposite sex, when we get drunk?
What happened with Adam and eve?

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