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Defining Ascension Illusion. Posted on: 2006/12/21 9:10
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2006/12/6 3:34
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Ascension Illusion Defined.
Or what creates the Illusion that you are ascending.

This may deeply affect those of you who think they are ascending, but are not.

Those of you, who do not have any tools to define your ascension.

Who exactly are you communing with. What you have been told, is not good enough, if you cannot authenticate. There are just as many non-physical entities not wanting you to ascend, as there are ascending guardians.

What initiations you have passed, which of them you have failed, and why.

These are not kept secret. It is up to each initiate to keep abreast of their initiations, so failure is at a minimum. In this matter one requires many spiritual tools.

 If you do not know of ascension initiations – then your ignorance in this matter, may prevent you from ascending.
 All the interferring factions, who WILL interferre, this is what they do – how they disable. Then you will be interferred with.
 If you have not, or are not being interferred with in some way – you are not ascending. You are being left alone to pursue your non-ascension works.
 If you are constantly reading the works of others – without defining whether these works can ascend you – they probably arent.
 If you do not know karma is the key to everyones ascension – then you are not ascending.
 If your physical form is not getting larger – then you are not creating the glands and the fats required for the crystalline form.
 If you are allowing one voice to guide you – you maybe being led up the proverbial garden path. The ascending initiate takes guidance from many. This voice maybe preventing other voices from being heard.
 If you have not had your magnificence revealed, your ‘ascension agreements’ – way beyond all imaginings. Then you are not ascending.
 If you are still being mirrored and triggered, to judge – or any activity that engages the ego mind. You are not ascending.

Beloved do not go into arrogance in this matter. Acquire a pendulum or muscle-test and allow soul to inform you what your ego mind cannot.

It is now known which individuals have the potential to ascend – by ascending factions and non-ascending factions.
It is now seen that many with the potential to ascend, are being tricked and deceived. And you can only refute this, with the aid of a discernment tool.
Being deceived by many beings who say they have your ascension at heart. Talk in such ways to engage your heart, use all the right terminology. These beings are in fact, ‘piggy backing on the truths of others’.

These non-ascending beings will not lead you to ascension.
They will not lead you to an authentic karma clearing programme/process, as to do so will reveal them for what they are.
They have been deceiving, lying and tricking humanity since your very first seeding.
These are the beings that have coined themselves your gods – your masters – gurus. They are false gods. In fact, they are parasites.
In every life of a true spiritual seeker, they would deceive and take. Tell you they could give you absolution, immortality, in return for your prayers’/chi/love and devotion.
Giving absolutely nothing in return.
In you death you would understand.
You would reincarnate, with no memory, and do it all over again.

Oh how they laugh – they think humanity a huge joke.
How easily you are duped, swayed, corrupted, disabled.
However some are not laughing so hard at the moment.

There is a small force of people authentically ascending, by clearing their karma.
To clear karma, is to complete with these false gods, and the false angelics.
To complete, is to retreive informational truths – and one informational truth, is that in the lives where you supplicated, prostrated, beseeched, begged, prayed and so forth, you were giving much away to these false gods.
The main thing you gave away, was your second Lightbody.
You have an ‘astral’ 4th dimensional Matrix self and a 5th dimensional light matrix self. It is the 5th dimensional matrix self (Lightbody) you require to ascend into.
Without retreiving this Lightbody, there can be no ascension.

Without clearing any karma, there can be no ascension. As it is through each completion the initiate is retreiving their ‘ascension map’.

There was something called ‘light cities’. Huge etheric edifices on other planes of reality. These ‘cities’ were made of humans Lightbody matrices, by the ascended masters. The 4th dimensional planes are very drab. No disneyworld in the astral beloveds. These planes have been diminished by initiates pulling back their Lightbodies, and you must do the same thing.

The ‘ascended master’ has ascended nowhere, and mastered nothing. Their consciousness is no higher level than yourselves. Even though they may channel reams and reams stating otherwise, and giving themselves grand titles. Again, appropriating authentic ascension councils and temple names for their own grandisement.

As each initiate clears karma with the ascended masters, they are reteiving their Lightbody (etheric matter and integrity). Those who took this, do not like it one bit.
This is why one must anchor all protective guidance as one does this inner work.

If it is seen by your guides that you cannot give yourself this time required to do this work. You will not be led to clear karma.
This is for your own protection my loves.
The communion with all your authentic ascension team, must be a daily practise.
The clearing process must be ongoing. No half-hearted measures. This is because once you start, you are invoking all your dysfunctions then clearing such. Invoking all your diseases, then clearing them before they manifest.
You must be onto every devious way, you can be got at.
Anchoring all your authentic ascension guidance, and authenticating such, is a requirement, as it is they that talk through kineseology, and symbology. As well as your dream.
Your authentic non-physical ascension team – will not be giving you tenets couched in extreme rhetoric gymnastics, to broadcast to the world, they will be giving you directions for your personal ascension. Straight to the point, no rhetoric, no crypticsm, plain facts, ascension truths.

And the very first bit of clearing each initiate is guided to do, by souls, is the clearing work of all past associations with those who will try to disable your ascension, and who disabled this in the past.
Once you have done most of this ‘detaching’ work, you are reducing your ‘attachments’ to them… to lead them to you. Your very first authentic boundary goes into place.
Even though fully detaching takes a few years, from my clearing experience. As our associations are long and deep.

Avail yourself of a pendulum or muscle-testing and question the integrity of your 2nd Lightbody – and the integrity of every other etheric realm around you, and question the integrity of every voice you hear. Then you can do the repair work.
If you do not know – then you cannot do the required work to ascend.

These are the Truths of Ascension.
And oKa – White Buffalo – Truthbearer.
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Re: Defining Ascension Illusion. Posted on: 2006/12/21 17:39
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Wow, that's cool what happens, if it just hits us all in a massive photon belt of pure energy in 2012?

I.e. Rapture, Fire from the sky, that a weight of an atom counts???? why did Mohammed and many others throughout our history speak of the cleansing to take place?

Where people will be refined as gold in the fire?

Just an idea, yet wouldn't leave it out of the question as might be easier to clean in one go that way

Plus then those who are not interested in 666 = Carbon based life forms....won't cling on to this....those who are not ready well....we have had enough warnings if that did happen.....why our polls on here end then just encase....

N B with U
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