Was There Ever A Savoir? Posted on: 2018/10/2 8:36
2004/3/26 7:04
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So based on the Tanakh prophecies, Yeshua came to cut off the Abrahamic covenant, and Israel/Judah (Zechariah 11); divorcing the automatically saved mentalities, and replacing that with only the enlightened saints will be saved.

Yet leaving foolish shepherds over the flock, thus Christianity (John, Paul, and Simon) is heavily misguided by the Pharisees to believe they're saved by the death of Christ; as is Rabbinic Judaism who just ignore context within the Tanakh looking for a savoir, rather than what is prophesied.

So Yeshua came pointing back to following the God Most High (El Elyon) who'd been rejected, and to reiterate repentance, not sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sin.

Thus Yeshua didn't come to save anyone from sin, Romans, death, etc; yet by murdering Salvation for 30 pieces of silver, we divorced ourselves.

Next is the return, where God only keeps the enlightened saints, who were already that way from the foundations of the world...

So unless anyone can show somewhere in scripture otherwise; it seems as only the righteous enlightened individuals save themselves by their own works (Karma).

Additionally it is interesting how false teachers, often sell us a free salvation ticket simply by believing in something, rather than actually becoming an enlightened saint our self.

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