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Are All Religious Labels Detrimental to Progress? Posted on: 1/8 9:47:21
2004/3/26 7:04
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After coming into religious environments where people are separated like cattle, and then fight each other like animals; I already removed all labels from our own system, and replaced it with an understanding of Oneness.

Yet even Oneness people argue with us about, due to misunderstandings of it being a label; like humans fight what they don't understand.

Hasn't humanity evolved past labels to concepts, and topics or are people so spiritually immature, that they now see gang mentality as something that the Source of reality credits; as far as I know it is the exact opposite, and here is down near the lowest dimension.

After years of religious people arguing against their own texts, I now see all individual religions as a type of cult mentality, and all faction based religious people as illogical by definition; only someone who studies all religion shows they are worthy of the Age to Come, everyone else shall be deleted at Judgement Day according to the texts globally.

Since we can show religious people are willing to keep their labels to the point of starting wars, murdering people, following things immoral as it is all in the same book; we can understand why the religious texts prophesied the removal of breakaway religious factions in this world.

Atheism, Agnosticism, etc, are still labels that still detriment progress in religious evolution, because things like Source & consciousness are very hard to label, as they are everything.

Thus enlightenment has no labels; no religious author said "Hey, here is a badge, wear it, you will get into Heaven for free".

Enlightenment can only come from dynamic lateral thinking, linear pathway learning doesn't allow for new growth; thus by definition every religious sect label, creates a dumbing down in that direction.

So why do people wear labels, and isn't it about time to give them up for the development of learning to be one family religiously in this world?

For those who want peace in the world, isn't it logical to remove our religious labels, and realize we're all One; for those who don't, the Source of reality will soon remove determined to be separatist religious people at a quantum level, when the Fire comes from Betelgeuse, according to religious texts globally as One.

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