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How Gog is Zionism, and Magog (Christendom Vs Muhammadanism) Posted on: 9/28 11:14:06
2004/3/26 7:04
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Ezekiel 38:8-12 states 'that they shall come in hoards, and take back the land of unwalled villages'... This was Zionism's movement back without the Messiah to establish peace.

Ezekiel 20-22 already made clear, that when the people are brought back into the Land it is to be on trial; where they shall meet the Messiah Face to Face (Ezekiel 20:35), and then be refined in the Judgement Day Fire (Deuteronomy 29:19-27), then after we come to the Messianic Age (Deuteronomy 30:1-10).

Personally would like this Fire to be through education (Jeremiah 23:29); where the Word is sufficient to educate people.

Yet generally so far people are not listening properly, as they don't realize I've been sent from Heaven, according to most of the world's religions.

God already told me at 4-6, 15, 21 years old, that ultimately this all disappears in the Judgement Day Fire as Armageddon takes place; later I've read about it, and realize my name is there in prophecy, as a warning before it happens.

Magog support Gog, Christendom gives billions in military aid to the Middle East, they basically make it into a giant firecracker or funeral pyre, according to the prophets.

Muhammadanism pretends to follow Muhammad, whilst ignoring most of the world's religious texts; when the Quran 2:285 states we are to accept all the books, angels, and messengers as One from One God - who manifests our reality.

If people did read more of the world's religions, they'd realize that Gog, and Magog are prophesied as Adharmic Law Breakers in some way, who kill animals for food, and allow the drinking of alcohol, which was prohibited by God.

Where the concepts of Gog, and Magog go back to earlier Dharmic concepts of Koka and Vikoka - Demonic forces that aid those accepting sacrifice as coming from God...

Christendom Vs Muhammadanism support each other, in arguing for and against who Yeshua is, when both don't use his real name (J Ses Vs Isa), so have no clue of the Hebraic contexts.

The Zionists don't realize that prophecy clearly stipulates the Lord will become our salvation (Yeshua), as they've been told not to interpret the Tanakh for themselves; as their Rabbi know best, when they've been guessing since Babylon.

We can prove I'm Messiah based on the knowledge God has given me before reading any texts, and that my name is in many of the world's religions as one.

Part of the problem with the divide in the Abrahamic beliefs is that they over identify the Messiah, Jews and Muhammadans want him to be only a man, and some Christians want him to be only a God.

The truth is Yeshua Elohim means the Divine Beings of Salvation.

It is down to mistranslation of these ancient languages, that everyone is all fighting over.

EL means the Source, and Eloh is a Divine Being... The additional H means something that is breathed by the Source of reality.

Elohim is plural, and defines the Divine Council or Avatars plural.

Because of religious divide people are confused, and we don't need to all fight over some religious misunderstandings of language; when literally on accepting the return of the Messiah, it is possible through a university education based system, to have a new global democratic theocracy.

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