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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/10/21 15:14
1/2 truth is a whole lie!
The real Messiah was born a Hebrew that is true!
His Name was YAHSHUA not yeshua.
His Name means YAHWEH'S SALVATION in the Hebrew language.
Every time this wonderful Name is spoken, read, or written it brings glory to His heavenly Father YAHWEH, even today.
So who is the false savior the world follows today?
The AntiMessiah all the Prophets and Apostles of the TRUE MESSIAN warned was coming.
The TRUE NAME of the TRUE MESSIAH was removed 756 times in the Second Volume of the Scriptures and replaced with the false savior Jesus.
Should you really believe your own Bible you would know there was only ONE NAME given under heaven that has Salvation in it! Acts4:12.
Now that Name was given to the HEBREW Apostles by a Hebrew Messiah. His mom and dad were told what His Name should be before He was born.
So if you want a Hebrew Messiah you best call on Him with His Hebrew Name as the Scriptures commands you do over and over again.

Read this for yourself

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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/10/21 17:52
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
Posts: 108
Bill, this i know... That the true God's name is YAHWEH... but, we should not argue over a name, we should argue over our actions. Unless it directly effects our actions, and i do not believe it does to much. I do believe in YAHWEH. So your secrets are safe with me.
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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/10/21 18:27
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
Posts: 47
Hey, I was accidently spelling that wrong, its Yahshua, not Yeshua. Thanks for correcting me. Yah is the first part of the Fathers name, so every time we speak of Yahshua, we are referencing the Father also.. How neat!

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/10/25 12:27
Your point is still correct as the continents in words are the meaning in the Hebrew language and the dashes are vowels, so the real meanings of things are taken from the continents. The vowels add expression to the word made from the continents.
Yet in my Hebrew names version of the Bible his name is Yeshua, and taken from the ancient Hebrew this make sense. You see ‘A’=strength like mountain, ‘e’ is to show a way of something. ‘sh’=is the biting of teeth to show strength, ‘H’ is the breath of God; this is why Abram became Abraham, adding the strength of God into his name.
Yeshua means, to show the way of worship and to leave a hook in time according to the ancient Hebrew.
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