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Life, Love & Family Posted on: 2008/8/19 16:36
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2006/11/15 16:36
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I believe it's important to have a happy home life, not just for our own sakes but for the sake of the whole family.
Theres been times in the past when I havn't wanted to enter my own house because of my relationship with my wife or kids or my wifes relationship with the kids, I thank God those days are behind now.
I made it a goal to make home a place of joy and happiness when I realised that all our health's were suffering, both mentaly and physically because of all the tension.
Home is our base, and should be a happy environement ,a place where we have warmth, Love and relaxation.
If your homelife is not as happy as you think it could be and you would like to do something about it, you may find something in Life, Love & Family that will make your home a happier home.

“Open your heart for me slightly, and I’ll open the world for you.” - The Zohar
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Re: Life, Love & Family Posted on: 2008/8/19 17:29
2004/3/26 7:04
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Cultivate Virtue in your self,
And Virtue will be real.
Cultivate it in the family,
And Virtue will abound.
Cultivate it in the village,
And Virtue will grow.
Cultivate it in the nation,
And Virtue will be abundant.
Cultivate it in the universe,
And Virtue will be everywhere.

Virtue = Dao = Logic = Oneness

N B with U
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