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Re: What is a shaman? Posted on: 2005/8/12 17:22
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2005/7/24 15:20
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In the world of the shaman,you are surrounded by spirits,whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be. All plants,animals,rocks and rivers have spirits. Everything is regarded as being a part of the fabric of creation,therefore,everything has a spirit.

I am another one of yourself....
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Re: What is a shaman? Posted on: 2005/8/15 7:52
2004/3/26 7:04
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Amen Salishan,
When I died I saw that this to be correct, why shamans also say, "before you have died and come back you can not be a full shaman".

As the whole universe is spirit the lower levels are Ego and the highest is Oneness.

From what I saw and then correlated with the commandments, I-Ching and many other mytholigies worldwide, I wrote out the 13 dimensions, which is a guide to what exsist in the spirit realms and how to transcend to the highest level of Oneness or Heaven

This works, with in both the spirit realm and also a guide for life.

I can't help feeling that all the prophets world wide, have been working to bring back this info to make a full guide to Oneness.

Also from a worldwide perspective as it is the same in all books. Each prophet has added parts, now all we must do is make it whole, then we can have true Oneness here on earth.

Have a read of this post, I have added more near the end to simplify it a bit!

Peace N love B with U

N B with U
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Re: What is a shaman? Posted on: 2005/10/14 3:01
Hi Wizanda, Dude here: yep I know about the rainbow tribes. I have been to 7 gatherings of rainbows. Two nationls and 5 regionals. It is a mixed hodgepodge of many types of people. This yr they had the national gathering at West Virginia, I went there for two weeks. About 8000 people showed up. Ther were 5 Jesus kitchens, plus about 20 other kitchens feeding people. I always eat really good at these gatherings. Its fun, and healing, to live in the woods, with nature. Its like stepping back in time 200 yrs when ya see the huge steel pots cooking food for thousands, Tents and tarps everywhere. They even have naked camp, and a place for gays to camp, plus all the straight camps.

For the most part these are spirtual people, of various types. They prefer to be non-political; but are forced at times to be political because our government doesnt like them for some reasom.

I have met some very intreging people there. Many are escapees from ssatanic familys, others have flew away from gettos and gang wars. Ther are many indigo and crsytal kids there with phenominal psychic and intuition abilitys. They are accepted there, but are seen as strange in babylon.

The rainbows are in some dilemma with to many "drainbows" coming in now. At least half of them are under 20 yrs of age and have no work ethics. They think everything should be given to them. Many wont even bring the dishes and cups back to be washed, or fetch fire wodd to keep the fire going. Its putting a real drain on the whole thing, as one person can only carry so many others. Being lazy and having no work ethics is the problem. There are to many coming into rainbow now, who wont carry their own load. Its getting almost impossible now to make it work because of to many kids who are lazy, and wont help in any fashon or form.

The Hopis came out with a prophecy this yr about the rainbow, they say it didnt look good and it might all collapse now, because of the masses of "drainbows". And I agree with them.. Anywho, just thought I'd share that with ya, I am thinking of quitiing the rainbow tribe because of what I just talked about. I have probably gone to my last gathering, I cant afford to take care of dozens of lazy people. Thats not even biblical, for the bible says if ya dont work, then ya dont eat..

Theres nothing physically wrong with the kids, they just have no work ethics, no responsibility at all, and they wont listen and change either.. This is about half of the tribes. The other half are solid, hard workers, and descent, good people, like me. But they are being drowned out by the lazy ones.

The european rainbows are different, I hear. They are more in tune with reality and hard workers. If I could afford it, I would like to try a european rainbow gathering. Most european and international rainbows do not like american rainbows, for the reasons I just stated. If ya get a chance you should vistit a gathering in your area. peace out, dude...
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Re: What is a shaman? Posted on: 2006/2/24 4:09
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2006/2/23 12:22
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My medicine, Raccoon, was shown in a dream last year, and that reminded me to the Shaman's path. Later I was also shown Crane, to trust that I am able to soar in the midst of earthly challenges. Unlike the ancient ways, where the Shaman is few and exalted, the dawning of the Golden Age requires All to live the way of the Shaman. It simply means to live according to Soul Purpose in a conscious and conscientious manner, even though your actions will be judged by others less conscious. This is the time to listen to Wisdom within, and discern whatever you see and hear without.

The rainbow is one of my serendipity symbol, and the postings really struck a chord in me regarding the Rainbow Warriors. I intuitively realised, that the Rainbows are also called Crystals, with their opalescent aura. They are gentle warriors, who beckon others by example of them living Soul Truth, rather than by force.

Blessings & Peace,

& ALways
Who am I? Who are You? Let's have a long conversation without words.
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