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Whirling Rainbow Posted on: 2005/8/1 19:28
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2005/7/24 15:20
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'The Whirling Rainbow is the promise of peace among all Nations and all people. The Rainbow Race stresses equality and opposes the idea of a super race that would control or conquer other races. The Rainbow Race brings peace through the understanding that all races are one. The unity of all colors,all creeds working togeter for the good of the whole,is the idea that is embodied in the Whirling Rainbow. When all pathways to wholeness are respected by all cultures,the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow will be completed.' Jamie Sams.

I am another one of yourself....
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Re: Whirling Rainbow Posted on: 2005/8/7 12:31
2004/3/26 7:04
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The only problem we have with this, is.....

Being brought up in a christian family, I believed at first much of what I was taught was true.
Yet knowing I was sent from heaven since about 5 years old, I couldn`t understand why I knew in my heart, Yeshua(jesus) was true and one of us.
Yet then on the other hand much of what I heard didn`t make sense, As people worshiped him and said he said to do this.
Now I have traveled a bit and couldn`t understand why, if the church was surposed to follow him, I saw more peoples spirits I reconized in tribal parties, then in the church.

Then after years trying to work out why this had happened, I finaly read the Bible......
After reading it I began to realise(with the help of Yeshua) that Paul was not all he seemed.
In fact as I have stuck on this site, Paul contridicts Yeshua on over 36 points!!

This has caused a great division world wide, between the beliefs as most are the same except Christianity.

The biggest reason is what Paul said, as he makes Yeshua into God, for many people worldwide they will not accept this.

The reason is its not true and causes people to goto the opposite of heaven.

Now after going around a few sites with this news, I was abused in words and told my father is the devil, ect.

So I went over all the gospels again, as people kept quoting John and saying Paul isnt the anti-christ as John says.

Yet after re-reading I realised that John was in fact also one of the pharisee high council and not a disciple as we are taught to believe.

So this made it a bit clearer the pharisees changed what Yeshua had said ie John and Paul.

If not for them two, the americans indians wouldn`t have been forced to follow Yeshua and give up what was true in the first place, ie Oneness.

Now to bring the people together, 1st we need all people to know this.

As with out, many would try for oneness ,yet there is many christians, who cause more conflict, Thinking what they follow is right, when in fact they follow the beast(as in revelations).

So to fix the puzzle worldwide, all people need to know this and we can go back to living, at one with nature as was intended!!

N B with U
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