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Re: The location of the Garden of Eden? Posted on: 2005/9/29 0:39
Hi Wizanda, ya got me with the Atlantis/Mu thingy.. I think Atlantis/Mu was before the flood and was sunk during the flood. We have all heard of Dr Mornos island where he made half human and half animal entitys. One of the reasons for the flood was the almalgamation of humans and animals. God didnt like that. His creation is perfect, well before sin anyways.

As fas as the oldest languages go, I have something to share. While studying secret mystery religions and esotoric stuff, I ran across an interesting piece. Seems the babylonians of Danials time had two languages. Ther was one for the common folk, then another for the elite, college and courts and kings palace. Most writings from babylon they find are from the courts and kings palace. They call this language Vril.. Hilter sent some high level Ss oficers to tibet several times, to make contact there with a secret order who were in contack with Lucifer. They told these officers, and its in tibets archives also, that when the flood came and started covering Atlantis/Mu, the high priesthood of Atlantis took of in their UFos, or anti-gravity flying ships and waited the flood out. They landed over in Tibet, about the same time Noah landed on MT Ararat. The high preisthood of Atlantis, their descendents ended up in babylon. Noahs ended up in southern Saudi Arabia.. Both probably spoke the same language or "Vril"...

Remember the bible says that everybody spoke the same language when Nimrod built the tower of Babel. And God saw they were being taught technology to ascend to heaven, from their Gods, or the fallen angels and satan pretending to be Gods. So our Father, stepped in and broke up the mass of people into 8 basic groups with 8 different languages. This is when the races probably came in also. Thats what sister White, a prophet of the 7th day adventists church said her attending angel told her.
Anyways, this stopped the whole shebang. So it would seem you are right "vril" is pre-flood language.. And it must be what Adam and Eve spoke in the garden of Eden. Vril is found on ancient babylonian archives, and according to the DalaLama it comes from Atlantis when the high priests took off in their ufos to escape the flood, then later landed in tibet. Its quite a story and its probably true.

It seems a lot of alantis technolgy and mysticism has been restored via new age and other ways. Jesus said, as it was in Noahs day, just before the flood, so shall it be when I return. In secret moutian in Sedona, Ariz, and in Dulce, N.M. and under the Denver international airport; its been reported they have half human and half animal entitys our government has created. They are allready doing clonig and almalgamation of man and beast, for at least 40 yrs now. Its all classifid but every once in a while, people rebel and try to stop it. Never works, but the news of the ruckus gets out, plus some who have worked there have wrote books about it. I have been to all of these places holding prayer vigils over them, just me and Jesus. Man did I cry, for days I cried as I prayed over these underground places that are horrible. Everything they had in Atlantis, is someplace on earth today. Its all here from what I know of things. Jesus hould be coming pretty soon...peace
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Re: The location of the Garden of Eden? Posted on: 2005/9/29 5:23
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