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Re: Why Chrisitans have it wrong Posted on: 2005/10/5 11:47
2004/3/26 7:04
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This forum Christians is in fact for followers of Paul, John and Peter.
Here is an
Explanation why

Followers of Christ go under One True Faith!

As I was also brought up Christian as well and have I seen faith on earth in God?
No I have seen faith in MAN!!

So therefore Christians do not follow Christ, else you would listen to the words that he said.

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Re: Why Chrisitans have it wrong Posted on: 2005/10/5 20:30
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
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Romans Chapter 1, verse 25 is as follows.

Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
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Re: Why Chrisitans have it wrong Posted on: 2005/10/12 20:54
Hi David, I feel your pretty close to the truth here. I have experinced much of wat you talk about. The problem is obvious and its told to us in Rev 13. Here we see a beautiful women adorned with the sun, moon and stars. She is the church of God. It goes on to say that the dragon (satan) is wroth and makes war with her, by sending a flood after her. It goes on to say that the earth helps the women by opening up and swallowing this flood, the devil sends after the church.

Obviously this needs some explaining. The women is Gods people, The flood sent to her by satan are people who are not converted in thier hearts, The bible calls them tares, bad fish, goats, ect. Gods answer to all of this, is to have the earth open up and swallow the flood up. This hasnt happened yet, but will happen in its appointed time. That time seems to be when the New Jerusalem comes to earth to start uo the kingdom of God age which Daniel 2:44 talks about.

Now there is a church in almost every town in America, and Europe. If the earth opens up and swallows up all the tares and bad fish, we can see the magnitude of the earthquake, it would be world wide. The only thing I know of, that is world wide like that, is when the kingdom of God comes to earth. Jesus said when he returned, his feet will land on Mt olives, and split that into a huge vally for the saints to go to. The New Jerusalem is about 1,500 miles square. Thats how big this valley will be. Thats a huge earthqake, 1,500 miles across. So it seems this is when the flood (people) are swallowed up, to cleanse the church. God has an answer to all of this, and its in the bible. You are right, there is no freedom of speech in denominations. I have been to sunday keeping churchs and talked about the 7th day sabbath, to only get kicked out. I have been to 7th day sabbath keeping churches to talk about feast keeping, to only get kicked out. There is an inhereant problem with mankind, they get some truth and fixate on it. But then they close the door to other truths. And when God sends a messanger to bring these other truths, they cast you out as a heretic, ect. Its ridiculus and shameful, what is going on.

I suspect there will be more people who are given eternal life, who never go to church. Because they see the hypocracys, but are good people, and are thus counted worthy to cross over. Very few people who go to church will probably make it, because they have made flesh their arm, instead of truth their arm. And so it is, and so it shall be. Plus we also have satanists who have inflitrated the seminarys and churches to make damn sure it stays the way it is. Also we have wicked spirits that oversee the denominations to make sure it stays the way it is. Jesus told us, our war isnt about people, its about wicked spirits, pricipalities and such. The sooner we learn that, the more enlightened we become. Peace to you David. Good thread and very good analysis....
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