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What is Easy Meditation? Posted on: 2017/2/7 18:41
2004/3/26 7:04
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Found the best is just to switch everything off, lie in bed, and because the brain is doing nothing, it allows you to hear your own thoughts for once....

Fair enough you might fall asleep; yet even in that deep power sleep, the brain is often working things out.

Learning that mindfulness meditation, isn't to do silly mantras, breathing, etc; it is to allow your self to catch every bus journey, regardless if it scares us...

Eventually once all the buses have been caught and explored, there is then just this beautiful open space in the bus station.

Whereas many people seem to think you've got to do the opposite, and send the buses away frantically, and wonder why they keep coming back again, because no one really knows where they go.

Also recognizing that the brain is like an older PC, it needs defragmenting occasionally, so it can process all the things that have become fragmented, the only way to do this when it is so overloaded, is to stop doing everything, and allow it to sort its self....

If we listen, it tells us what things are bothering it, and we shouldn't fight them, else it slows the whole process.

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