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Yeshua's Messianic Fulfillment Posted on: 2017/9/22 9:11
2004/3/26 7:04
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To be logical we have to start by dissecting the texts, and establishing what is fraudulent...

So John, Paul and Simon the stone (petros) are not the words or teachings of Yeshua.... Yet make the fake character of 'jesus'.

From a Jewish understanding their beliefs are a defilement of the Torah, teaching human sacrifice, belief in the dead, drinking the blood of an offering, etc.

Once we've established, and understand the differences we can examine Yeshua's own teachings within the synoptic gospels, and understand how prophecy has been fulfilled to the letter.

This is all prophesied specifically the Messiah will argue with the Leaders of the people who don't feed the flock, yet feed themselves (Jeremiah 25:30-38, Zechariah 11, Daniel 9).

For this they've cut themselves off for 30 pieces of silver, and are no longer under the Abrahamic covenant; thus the 2nd temple was destroyed, the people dispersed, and the curse that Moses stated put on to the people (Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26).

Only Yeshua can be the Messiah based on the fulfillment of cutting off the Jews, the 2nd temple destruction and diaspora, then the creation of a fake religion (Christianity) made up about him after, which shall remain until the end.

Unfortunately their teachers are not wise enough to follow even basic instructions within the Tanakh, and instead make it up, thus have misguided them.

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