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Is this World of Desires to Enjoy or Hate? Posted on: 2017/11/24 11:40
2004/3/26 7:04
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Within many religious traditions, this realm we exist within is seen as a place of desires (Maya)... Yet then many religions tell us this is to make us suffer... Which doesn't seem to make sense of the design plan.

Our brains produce chemicals that make us seek out fulfillment of desires, everything seems to encourage this activity, not to prevent it.

Yet the religious tell us that being sexually inactive is a way to be godly, is it? So God made us to be sexually frustrated or God made us to enjoy making love, and to seek out as much as possible?

We get a rush of energy when we gamble; why make it such a high, if you didn't want people doing it.

We're designed to find others sexually attractive naked, and yet some religions think that God designed us to be covered up, and to refrain from looking at all costs.

There are tons of natural foods, that cause us to get high, with the brain already being programmed to produce responses; not through intoxication as the religious like to impose, yet by integrated biological design.... So God literally designed us to get high.

So as we look at each individual religion, and what they presume we're not meant to be doing, are they all just prudish people, who all just think diametrically opposed in someway to the creation.

Can anyone give any logical reasons why the things that God created us to enjoy, are seen as sinful by religions?

Do you think the religious ideologies imposed by man, might be a way to see who really doesn't want to exist in the reality God created for us to take pleasure in, and explore all of our desires?

Which is the quickest way to get over a life long desire, to categorically deny yourself from thinking about it or to experience it, so it no longer suffices as a desire?

Personally think we're here to learn Oneness, so which is the best way to achieve that: us all celebrating in enjoying life together in the way it was designed or us all to fight over which things we shouldn't be doing, as they're deemed sinful by the religions?

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