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Haarp: Angels dont play this one! Posted on: 2005/10/19 2:35
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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Haarp stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Reseach Project. Its is a huge micro wave radar type set up, in Alaska. What haarp can do is build up tremendous charges in the ionosphere, which acts like a capaciter. The discharge can be controlled and aimed at a fault line, to cause an earthquake. Many suspect that the tunsami was caused by haarp. The recent earthquake in Pakistan, could have been caused by haarp. It was reported they thought Osama Bin Lauden was in hiding in that area. So its possible the earthquke was caused to try and kill Osama..The reason I say that is because Americas Dept of the Military, or the Pentegon, owns and runs Haarp. The pentegon is in the business of war, and killing the enemy.

Haarp is technology that Nicholi Tesla discovered in the early 1900,s. He had strapped a walkman size radio, piece of equipment, to a piller in the basement of the lab he was working in. He turned it on, then went to other experiments. What he was researching was radio wave harmonics. In other words, radio waves go out so far, then bounce back to the origin. Its called the dopplar effect, I think. My electricity is a little rusty. But anywho, Tesla was in New York City at that time. The frequency he was experimenting with, started bouncing back and forth in about an 8 mile path. As it continued to bounce back and forth, it built in intensity and started an earthquake at 8 miles out. This earthquake followed the wave back to its source, taking a few minutes to do that. The police dept. was about 3 miles from Tesla, When it hit them, they ran to Teslas shop, figuring it was him. About the time they got to Teslas lab, the earthqauke had come all 8 miles and was now shaking Teslas lab. The police kicked in the door, just in time to see Tesla grab a sludge hammer, and smash the device to pieces. The earthquake stopped immediatly once Tesla smashed that walkman sized device, strapped to a pillar.

Now this was in 1910, or somewhere around there. Tesla did this just using a certian frequency. He patiented it, and went on discovering many other things like anti-gravity flying shipos, free energy from planet earth, laser beams, ect, ect..and also alternating current. Tesla was so advanced back then, no one could really understand his inventions. But that was 90 yrs ago. The pentegon has taken almost all of Teslas patents, and classified them as top secret. Harrp is Teslas earthquake machine. Except instead of a walkman size radio, like Tesla had; the pentegons version is 40 acres in size. Do the math on that one!

Thers no question in my mind, the pentegon did cause the tunsami earthquake and the recent Pakistan earthqauke. Both of these areas are very heavy, militant moslem hideouts. Do the math on this one.. It would seem our pentegon will kill tens of thousands of innocents, just to get one man, by using this earthquake machine. America is becoming very scary!

Haarp also can be tuned, to run at the same frequency as the human brain. Think about that one. Road rage anybody! Citys in crisis, going insane? Is Haarp being used to manipulate rage on the weaker minds, with no morals and values? Is this why our Dept of Education now raises students with "situational ethics"? So in the future they have millions, they can manipulate with Haarp? To create choas, so they can put america, or any other nation, under marshall law? Somethings going on? What about your nation, could haarp be used to manipulate people there? I think so!

The book or video can be got at 1-907-249-9111 or at, Dr Nick Begich, POB 201393, Anchorage, Alaska,99520. This is one amazing book, and the video is good too.

I have the book and can reference any questions any might have, so feel free to explore. In Yashuas Love....peace

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Haarp: Angels dont play this one! Posted on: 2005/10/19 7:15
I am sorry 1st, when the tsunami happened at that exact same time, I had been praying for something like that. The reason being wasnít for death, yet for people to see that the power of God was in nature as well. I did ask for it to be in Israel, as I find the fighting around there childish and wanted it to stop. God granted this prayer and the tsunami hit, I donít know if you are aware, yet the only thing left standing was the churches. The problem though is people donít recognize disasters anymore as the hand of God. The chances of the tsunami happening at the second I prayed for it to happen are staggering; also that many other disasters have happened due to my prayers make me positive that yes, God granted it. Sorry, sorry, sorry again to all people who have suffered, in this; yet God let it happen.
I now try and not to pray for things like that, as I donít like suffering of people. Yet I do wish for the world to stand up and listen for once, instead of thinking they know it all.

Angel with the small scroll
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Re: Haarp: Angels dont play this one! Posted on: 2005/10/19 18:24
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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If you honestly think you are making these travesties happen through prayer... then the God who is answering to your deadly death driven thoughts is not a God of love or understanding... When God wants vengence, he does it himself, not through the prayer of an angry man. Watch out who you really think you're praying to.... There will be many quakes and floods in the end times... and possibly because people are asking and praying for them... God is not doing that. There were 5 earthquakes simultaneously if my memory holds true... 4 or 5 at the same time all around the world at the time of the distaster... you must be very important to God then. He granted your prayers X5. The problem i have here is, there is no openess of the mind. Us humans have the intelectual capacity to manipulate things such as earthquakes and weather through frequencies... WE are screwing ourselves up... not God. It's 2005... it's time for the overly religious to start looking a bit to science, and stop blaiming or attributing everything to Godly powers. Not that they don't exist, but everything that happens in nature is planned out by some angry man watching us from the skies... how does that affect our free will? It essentially gives us none. If he is to intentionally kill us, then we have no free will to even live, or choose to change the way we are living anymore. Anyway... i have to admit... i don't like posting to much anymore, i just seem to find myself disagreeing with people more and more... and that's just leading to frustration... which leads to anger.. which is bad. So i love you all, peace.
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Re: Haarp: Angels dont play this one! Posted on: 2005/10/19 19:21
David, dont you dare go I needd you for a bit, you are level headed and cool as mustard.. watever that means lol Hey man, Wiz hung himself with that post, but he is trying to figure it out to. I understand the frustrations, and ya said your piece David. I mean, it was like a trigger, when I read it, and I felt several emotions rise up in me, but I decided to let it pass, figuring to wait and see, thingy.. At 55, I dont have anything to prove anymore, and have been around the block to damn many times now. There nothing I havnt seen, a dozen times already. So I just wait and see, most of the time now.

There are several issues with Wizs post(he made it to all inclusive) sometimes I do that too by mistake..., #1 -does God realy kill? Or does death occur because God pulls his spirit away from something? #2 -From what I have read by some latter day prophets, it is satan who causes some hurricnes and tornadoes because he is a scientist. So when certian weather patterns exist, it could be manipulated to become much worse if satan choose to do so. Humans can seed clouds for rain. What kind of seeding could the grays do from their UFO's, if satan gave the order to do so? #3 also the planet is 6 degrees off its axis, oil technolgy pollutes, every time we burn thru the ozone with rockets we make a bigger hole. We have trillions of electrical waves from radios, radars, ect; buzzing thu the air heating the planet up, ect, ect. We could go on for a long time with this.

The bible says the whole earth is groaning, to be restored back to its edenic state. So we have a planet thats just falling apart from 6000 yrs of sin, or abuse. This in itself can do all kinds of natural disasters, not to mention technology, which I started this thread with. Ya wiz- ya kinda bit off more that you can chew, with that one.. also if its for real, they would be coming for you, I'd be really careful about putting that in writing. I have to watch that myself! Because I know things, they dont want me to know..

Anywhos David, thanks for taking the plunge into madness, trying to sort this That was a brave thing to do, I am astonished and happy. hey, where ya gonna go? let me know if ya find a place that doesnt ridcule and poke fun at ya, because your different.. peace out, In retrospect; that whole deal was funny, I saw it coming, oh did I ever see it coming...Praise God, it aint over with yet! lol
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