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2004/3/26 7:04
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  • So lets start with taking the whole of Isaiah 28 (Yeshayah - Saved by the Lord) into context:
  • Isaiah 28:9 to Isaiah 28:19 from Rumor to Rumor (Ezekiel 7:26).
  • Which are the Bed posts referenced in Isaiah 28:20-21.
  • Thus making a Bed of Adultery (Revelation 2:22).

Like if we include the sheets on the bed (Isaiah 28:15 |--><>--| Isaiah 28:18), and not just some prize in the middle; then it becomes clearer, that their covenant with death is disannulled, before it was ever thought about.

Isaiah 53:1 starts with 'who would have believed the Rumor'.

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