The Fundamental Flaw in Some Religious Expectations Posted on: 2018/11/28 13:01
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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There are a few religions that expect some Savoir of the world to fix mankind; when we're down near Hell...

So it is completely illogical to expect everyone to listen properly, and as history shows us with Buddha trying to correct Hinduism or Yeshua trying to correct Judaism, people get more stubborn to changing.

There are multiple religious groups that have a belief that someone will come, show mankind how to interact, and that will magically fix everything, as people will automatically respond well...

This is literally showing some people are not very logical down here, and reject we're down near Hell; where only the CPU (God) can change the dynamics of this reality, to remove the evils within it.

It also shows they want a Savoir rather than to become a Saint themselves; which proves they're a demon down here...

As only those who've recognized here is down near Hell, can truly turn around fully from being 'self' absorbed, to living selflessly.

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