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Are All Religions Cults? Posted on: 2019/8/19 7:22
2004/3/26 7:04
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A religion should be a set of moral values we all have within our society that are standards we all live by...

What many of us have been indoctrinated into is follow the leader, which is following a cult; where we follow a charismatic leader who makes us believe in them, rather than our own personal spiritual growth.

So when we have multiple so called religions named after the person we follow, Christianity, Buddhism, Krishna Consciousness, Muhammadanism, etc...

Where they get us to become devotees to the leader, when if we observe what was really stated, the teachers told us to become like them or better.

The idea we now see religion as optional is also part of us being inside a giant cult of the Roman Empire, where our language divides us, as we don't realize Moses, Muhammad, Lao Tzu, etc, established governments, and legal systems for the whole of society...

Religion should be something that is evolved into a knowledge of reality, and integrated with science for personal development, else we're still under some form of follow the leaders system (cult).

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