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Balancing High's And Low's Posted on: 2019/11/12 1:49
2004/3/26 7:04
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  • Everything is maths.
  • Music is advanced maths.
  • Depths in music add to escalation; we need lows to have uplifting highs.
  • Everything in reality is created from different resonances of frequencies.
  • Every aspect of reality has a score from its self (historical timeline) identifications.
  • Running away from our lows, doesn't deal with our musical score.
  • Embracing every note of every action that has taken place within our score, leads to understanding.
  • Understanding the cause and affect of the synchronicities within life, leads to enlightenment.
  • Realize downs, and ups are weight training; it takes strain to build, and we're down near Hell in the Maya for a reason.
  • That plants grow in the darkness to reach towards the light.
  • Mindfulness is allowing every routes journey in the bus station of our mind; after the buses have gone to their destinations, the bus station area then makes an open peaceful space.

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