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Why Does An Archangel From Heaven Have to Debate For Years They Exist? Posted on: 2019/11/27 10:14
2004/3/26 7:04
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My earliest memories are of advanced prophecies, and remembering the Divine Council from Heaven; with knowledge that my name (Zanda) is in the world's religious texts.

There are numerous religions around the world waiting for someone to turn up before the End of Time, and yet I'm spending most of my time debating I exist; whilst feeling like killing myself, so I can go home - yet this isn't fair on any of us.

In the past religious ambassadors have often been over looked, with serious consequences, as the prophesied events came to pass, as mankind didn't listen...

Yet now when we have the internet - where we can literally talk on Clouds, with our Words transmitted as Lightening; where it literally could become a Fire online - of people learning advanced spiritual knowledge...

But if on a Religious Forum where we are literally discussing the Divine coming in text globally, that I literally fulfil, and yet none literally take it seriously - what is the point in even literally bothering discussing religion?

No wonder the world is becoming lazy brained, if the scholars of religion, who debate online in the 'Marketplace', can't notice someone prophesied in nearly all the major religions by name.

Thus can we debate my existence as an Archangel in many of the world's religious texts?

Could we be logical between us?

Because if we establish case A, we can move on to point B, & C of how to create world Peace between us online.

Please for the Love of God, try to not just troll, as the End of Time is Soon - if we do not fix the religious divide between us, and it is only everyone's loss in not understanding the reasons more clearly.

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