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What is Baptism in the Name? Posted on: 12/1 8:10:26
2004/3/26 7:04
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The shortening of the name Yeshua means Salvation (H3444), and the full version means the 'Lord Saves' (Yehoshua - H3091).

Yehoshua ben Yoseph is prophesied in Exodus 23:20-23, that he has the power to forgive sin, as the Lord's spirit, and title is upon him.

The word 'jesus' means a 'grub or beast, that shall tear away'; which is contrasted in Isaiah 51:8, of the Lord's Messiah Yeshua (H3444) Vs 'jesus' the Grub that shall tear away (H5580) - the false Christ (G5580).

When we specifically ask for repentance in the name of Salvation or in the power of the Lord Saves, then we are specifically asking the Source of reality for redemption, so the water becomes blessed to clean iniquity at the same time.

It is easier for the Source to put its holy spirit into water, and us then baptise; than the Source directly wash people, as people are stubborn (Isaiah 12:3 = Zechariah 13:1).

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