Do People Realize the Messiah is on Religious Forums Before Judgement Day? Posted on: 1/12 6:41:25
2004/3/26 7:04
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Over the years have been explaining lots of prophetic fulfilments in the religious text books globally; yet I'm shocked how few people realize this is prophesied for the Messiah to do for Judgement Day.

Maybe some people on here just think the whole thing is a joke; yet having been informed by the Source of reality as a child in precise details of the world's religions, this is not some game people can escape from.

Literally the Messiah comes before WW3 in the Middle East, and then the Sun in Orion - Betelgeuse is about to wash our earth in Fire.

It states when it goes from night time to day (Isaiah 13:10, Amos 5:8, Zechariah 14:7), we shall know we have a short time before the Age of Godliness, and then most people who are not at a level of enlightenment required, will no longer exist in the time to come.

As the person sent by God before it, who has informed everyone on here for 15 years; I'm surprised the world doesn't notice, as they do not have long left to learn what is required.

It would be appreciated if any of the religions that expected End Time prophecy, would help educate humanity the Messiah is explaining on Religious Forums as prophesied; as we haven't got long left before Judgement Day.

No one can convert to following me, they need to accept the Oneness of all religion, and it isn't me bullying others, as the religions say these things; I'm just doing a job for Source as the Final Avatar, to repeat a message in the world's texts, as prophesied at the end of time.

Personally well aware there are better methods of delivery than Religious Forums, yet due to the lack of response online I do not see the point, and so my question is why do none of the religions take end time prophecy seriously; is there anyone in the world who will convince us humanity are not some joke religiously, who deserve removing as prophesied?

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