Do You All Want the End of Humanity? Posted on: 3/9 7:34:10
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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As the 2nd coming of Christ, I honestly thought people would be interested to understand how prophecy is fulfilled, and how the world had already been deceived; instead I currently feel no one wants to know, with no options left to prevent the end of humanity...

So why do you want everyone dead?

Why do you personally not care to study any of this for the sake of everyone's survival?

Why do I feel like a one horse show, when I'm meant to be the showman?

Do any Rabbinic Jews actually care about the Messiah's coming or is it all some joke to mock Christians about?

Do any people who follow the Quran or Baha'i accept you're meant to be waiting for the one to come, who opens up the books?

Please explain why people are so irreligious, as honestly I don't understand it; other than we're down near Hell awaiting Judgement Day, and we're all demons down here, as the religious texts stated?

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