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What is the Parable of the Fig Posted on: 2020/8/25 7:31
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In all three Synoptic Gospels Yeshua warns to watch for the Parable of the Fig in Matthew 24:32-35, Mark 13:28-31, Luke 21:29-33.

These reference Isaiah 28:4 where there are the same keywords used by both, "when the bud shoots forth, know the summer is near".

The names Yehoshua, and Yeshayahu are a reverse of each other Lord Saves, and Saved by the Lord.

In Isaiah 28:11-13 it warns of the 2nd coming, the 1st being in Isaiah 8:11-22 to set a testimony as a 'Snare among the disciples', with Simon being a 'Stone of Stumbling'; where Yeshua's statements in the Synoptic Gospels are as a 'Rock of offence', to those who understand it.

Isaiah 28:9-19 is a 'Bed of Adultery' with the 'Chief Corner Stone placed into the middle of it', where in Isaiah 28:20-21, it tells us it is a 'Bed of Adultery' in Hebrew.

Isaiah 28:22 warns 'not to be mockers of these things', as this is to establish a quantum fire on mankind, like in the past to remove 'the many ravenous beings'.

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