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The Bible Wasn't To Save Anyone; Yet The Exact Opposite Posted on: 10/12 7:46:03
2004/3/26 7:04
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Moses prophesied the Jews would face completely opposite in the Latter Times (Deuteronomy 31:24-29); in Deuteronomy 28 Moses instigates Blessings, which they had in our formative years, and the Curse which is still on mankind..

Where ultimately all of us will be annihilated with Quantum Holy Fire because of it (Deuteronomy 29:19-27), and after what will be left are the people of God (Deuteronomy 30:1-10).

Thus the Bible is a series of morality exams that tests everyone by their interactions down near Hell.

Yeshua being called J+ses is a purposeful test (Isaiah 51:8) where the words are compared in Hebrew in this sentence, and people don't read religion in language context any more.

Yeshua came to lay a Snare by his testimony in the Synoptic Gospels among his disciples (Isaiah 8:11-22), where what came after by the Pharisees (John, Paul, Simon the stumbling stone (peter)) is a covenant with death, to established who would follow an idol, and not actually listen to context.

You see the whole book is about the same contexts, that if instructed to do something will man listen:

  • Moses going up Sinai and the people already were worshipping idols on his return.
  • Adam and Eve with the Tree with knowledge of good and evil.
  • Will people listen to context of the Tanakh (Old Testament), when examining the New Testament.
  • Do people conceive it is bad to torture Joseph by his brothers, and do they see the similarities with Yeshua son of Joseph etc.
  • God prevented Abraham sacrificing his son, then repeats in the prophets God doesn't want animal sacrifice; yet the sacrificing of our hearts to God, to do charity in servitude as a lifestyle.

People have got confused that Yeshua meaning Salvation and Yehoshua meaning the Lord Saves, actually brought some form of payment system; there was nothing to pay, God owns everything, we have that mentality, all is God.

We are inside the Source (God Most High), which is like a CPU in a Quantum Universal Super Computer.

It manifests the reality at a mathematical level of 100%, and our consciousness is a small part of its processing power.

When we pray within, listening to God, and then directly turn around from the sin back to the light, at the roots of our salvation (yeshua), we find there is a well of forgiveness there (Zechariah 13:1, Isaiah 12:4).

Yet what is prophesied of Yehoshua (Exodus 23:20-23), is that he is there before our people with knowledge to forgive sin; yet to remove all those who go against the Oneness of the God Most High's plan.

With those willing to fathom the plan recorded in the world's religions, worthy of the time to come.

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