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Call to Logical Muslims Before Armageddon Posted on: 2020/11/10 8:31
2004/3/26 7:04
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A reply to logical Muslims who accept the world's religious texts as one. If we read many of the different religious texts, these collaborate with the Quran to explain all the aspects that are left out.

Muslim scholarship has made up ideas to supplement these missing teachings, and in doing so creating a new religion, which can be defined as Muhammadanism.

When we examine end times prophecy across the world's religious texts: we find that in the Synoptic Gospels, Revelation, the first coming of Christ was to lay a testimony as a Snare on the Children of Israel to see who is worthy (Isaiah 8:11-22).

When the Messiah returns in Isaiah 28 it is before the Harvest as the text implies, yet it says people mock the Messiah and reject it.

This is also found in the Quran 43:60-77, that 'tho the Messiah comes with clear signs of his return, to fix that in which people differed, people reject it due to divisions of religion', and not realizing what is prophesied is across all the religious texts as one.

Scholars like to tell us what is pleasing to the ears, like false leadership does, thus it is better to be real with people, else they trip over their own lies.

The world already follows the Anti-Christ's teachings of the Pharisees John, Paul, and Simon the Stumbling Stone (peter). These misrepresented Yeshua's teachings, and make up the false idol J+sus/J+ses which in Hebrew means 'a beast that shall tear away or trample down'.

Thus the world already follows the Dajjal Al-Messiah (The False- Messiah), and Muhammad was the Imam Mahdi addressing that the Bible had been corrupted; that the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28) was placed on the Jews for their rejection of the Messiah (Zecheriah 11).

What is prophesied at the Messiah's return is that the world has already been deceived; so unless we can get the whole world to notice it has been lied to, and for them to address this issue globally as one... Then what is prophesied in the world's religions as one, is that the Messiah returns in Isaiah 28 as a Fig (28:4) before Summer, explaining the Bed of Adultery (20-21) in Isaiah 28:9-19, before everyone's annihilation at Armageddon (28:22).

Revelation 16:15-16, and Revelation 3:3 explains the Messiah comes back incognito before Armageddon. Yeshua told us to watch therefore for the Parable of the Fig (Matthew 24:32-35, Mark 13:28-31, Luke 21:29-33), as we do not know what hour the Son of Man comes, and it shall be at a time unexpected as a Snare on mankind (21:34-35).

Fair enough we can see that Skanda in the Bhagavad Gita, and Kalki fights a big battle against Kali Yuga personified in the Kalki Purana; this is that people are the demons, and here is the top floor of Hell. Through religious texts God has tried to educate mankind, and yet we've gone opposite.

Over the last two thousand years it has been the Age of Kali Yuga, where Shiva has been catching out the Blood Thirsty Demons (Raktabija), and Skanda comes to destroy the demons who claim free Salvation by murder (Tarakasura ).

Then after Skanda removes the demons from this realm with the Judgement Day Fire (Mahapralaya) we come to a New Age of Godliness. Where all the demons shall be removed into lower plains of existence for good.

This is also stated in Zoroastrianism texts about the Saoshyant (Bringer of Truth), who comes before Frashokereti (Judgement Day Fire) to explain the texts, where it cleanses reality back to what God intended, as the final battle takes place.

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