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2004/3/26 7:04
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For those who've never read religious texts, here is the top floor of Hell according to many of them. Religious leaders have told people what is pleasing to their ears; so the Abrahamic religions have all been purposely set up to catch out those who ignore prophecy, and those who follow blindly.

Soon according to many sources there will be a great big battle in the Middle East between Israel and Iran (Armageddon). Where at the same time Betelgeuse will blow up, changing our sun, and our reality at the same time. When this happens, earth's frequency will change where only the Enlightened Saints are welcome after.

As the final Avatar, and Messiah we've never needed your acceptance for this soon to happen - where you've all been purposely set up because you don't listen.

J+sus is a swear word in Ancient Hebrew; the Gospel of John Vs the Synoptic Gospels is an IQ morality test, Paul and Simon the stumbling stone (peter) purposely created Christianity contrary to Christ.

There are so many details people are misguided on, that we've spent the last 16+ years online trying to educate mankind before the end of this age; none noticed as prophesied.

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