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Misconceptions of the Final Divine Messenger Posted on: 12/21 8:48:18
2004/3/26 7:04
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There is in each religious branch, textual references, and then understandings by religious clerics, who've created additional characters.

Thus in Islam according to the Quran 43:60-77, the Messiah comes before Judgement Day as an angel, and king, to explain where he told people not to worship him.

Yet after they created concepts of the Imam Mahdi in the Hadiths, and though this was originally an idea of Muhammad being 'Rightly Guided', like the previous prophets were, this eventually has become an idea of a 'savouir figure' turning everyone to their own brand of Islam.

The same has been done by Rabbi with the concepts of Messiah ben David, and Messiah ben Joseph. These characters are coming to save them, and their version of Rabbinic Judaism.

The reality is the Messiah didn't come to save, yet establish a Snare (Isaiah 8:11-22) to catch out those who don't really listen to small print, whilst rushing ahead into iniquity.

In Isaiah 28 the Messiah comes back as the Parable of the Fig, with the knowledge to save humanity; yet none listen before the Harvest takes place.

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