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Messianic Prophecy Ignored Globally Posted on: 1/27 8:45:40
2004/3/26 7:04
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For years online I've tried to rectify the problems between the religions, before the end of humanity in the Battle of Armageddon.
The world's religions have been used as a way to divide nations, peoples, and families, where much of this could be unified.
Society has been led into a way of thinking, to treat religion as the problem; when it is the moral social fabric we all live by - Even secular atheists have a code of moral beliefs.
Soon regardless if people believe in a religion: Muhammadanism will fight Zionist Judaism, with Christendom as their allies; whilst Dharmic religions will fight the Muslims due to their history.
The Abrahamic groups of people wait for the Messiah to fix their problems; with their scholars, and texts declaring that they don't actually know what they're saying on some things, until the Messiah corrects them.
Whilst studying realized I'm able to legally prove I'm sent from Heaven as the Messiah, with my name prophesied in many religions globally as one.
It is also prophesied it isn't noticed, and then Judgement still comes on mankind; which scares the Hell out of me, as here is to be incinerated, then after God resurrects the Enlightened Saints.
I'd much rather everyone learn about context, which would fix the world's religions to become one, and create something sustainable; where God the CPU that manifests our reality, could then be taught as a logical mathematical science.
We all exist like Neo in the Matrix, and most of us are asleep, as we've been taught to ignore the fundamentals of religion - which is inner spiritual practise. Instead we've been taught to follow a cult mentality, of which religious text is best; when there isn't a competition, they all describe our reality from different view points.
Understanding the Oneness of God, is what all religion is about, and only as a whole, can we then realize that God is One. 💝

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