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Proving God Posted on: 3/28 10:06:37
2004/3/26 7:04
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Lets start with defining what God is, or from Hebrew EL translates as a 'Source' of reality.
Yeshua in his speeches defines that the Source hears our thoughts, and creates everything we see, including the weather.
The concept of Logic, is that our reality is all built on equations, that can be shown to be mathematical.
The New Testament Scholars tried to create that the Word in the Tanakh, is the same as the Greek Logic, and Lao Tzu's Dao, that reality is made from Code.
So if we can deduce from atomic mathematics, that the periodic table is a mathematical matrix, we can prove our whole reality is made of maths.
Our finger print, a snail shell, ocean wave, and a galaxy spiral are all Fibonacci golden curves, which shows our whole reality is formulated from a central Source.
Since we can show the Source creates Code that is the fabric of our reality, it is like being in a universal quantum computer; where God is like a CPU, creating a multiple dimensional Symphony, that we call reality. 😇

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