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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/1/11 15:49
Dude you are warped and have no concept of what True Belief in Jesus Christ is about. You claim your site is dedicated to GOD. What God? Sounds like you want us to believe that God is you and your perversions of the Gospel. It sounds like you want every body to remain fragmented in blind predjudice and animosity. I don't buy it buddy! Paul was a servant of Jesus Christ, and his teaching were not anti-christ. Your false statements have no real truth at all to them. Go ahead and follow them it does no harm. Whether in truth or in falsehood the name of Jesus Christ will be raised above all others on that final day. I pray that you will someday come to the saving knowledge of the Truth, and begin to speak it in Love. Jimmy
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/1/11 16:39
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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Perceptions...assumptions...the mind jumping in so fast, engaged in thoughts before they have had time to be fully digested and brought to the heart. Ponderings, musings, ideas held within self that need airing out. Appreciation for sharing and dharma openly exchanged.

Does one really know ultimate truth or is life a journey toward this discovery? Can anything be solved with discordant thinking? If one holds to the box in which he or she arrived and does not look out from within its walls to consider other possibilities will the box begin to collapse inward. Does this not cause emotions to stir? Wouldn't it be better to allow the walls of the box to just fall free and to embrace each other in dialogue that is directed toward unity?

Thank you for enlarging my box this day...I will ponder your thoughts lovingly.
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/1/11 17:54
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Ok then I will start an official thread to continue this and I will challenge anyone whether or not Paul is indeed Anti-Christ.
For this thread though, I ask you:

Do you get an inheritance as Christ died for you?

Works don’t count, if you have Christ?

As I know both of these are 100%, if you answer yes……………
You don’t follow Yeshua!
I suggest reading some of the articles as you follow Paul!

This is my point Christ said works count and when the son of man comes you will be judged by them!

Paul said works don’t so how can you follow the Pharisees and Christ???
Wake up!!
He told you not to follow the Pharisees and here you are telling me, you will follow them?

Now Christ told the parable of the vine dressers son and how they would kill the son, so they could steal the inheritance.

Who taught this Pharisees, who 1st Caiaphas, 2nd it is recorded in the book of John.
Who wrote the book of John?
The Pharisees as clearly is evident and not a disciple, as it even tells you at the end, “this is taken from a disciple, so we know it is true.”
The other parts is that there are many accounts, in John that only a member of the Pharisees or Jewish high council; would have known, i.e. John Nicodemus or Nicolaitans

So on both of these two your future rests, for eternal life??

As Christ told you that those who killed the vine dressers son………………what will happen to them when the owner learns they killed his son, they will be chucked out.

Who taught you that? Paul and John……………Pharisees!

Also I would read the potters field article I have written, as that is far better then I can do to show it was a set up for the daft shepherds.

Anyways as Suzy was saying unity is better and I am sorry for going on one as such.

It is just we will never have unity world wide while the Pharisee doctrine remains.
This is why we have a post like this started off, as with people all turned to different paths and not a clear one to follow.
Because instead of the Bible being clear it is full of holes and contradictions due to the Pharisees?
So then people get confused.
I advice you miss out all of John and Paul and make far more sense.
Oh make that the books of Simon Peter(stone) as well, Christ was plummet line to messure not the rock.
God is the rock in Isaiah, so what right do non-prophets and anyone really have to change this?

N B with U
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/3/12 17:02
Just popping in
2006/1/6 1:42
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I think you may have swayed from the question, although many of you came close to the anwser.

1st it wasnt an Apple that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was a PEAR and PAIR because GOOD AND EVIL go hand and hand. I say a Pear because that kind of Tree has EARS and Heard exactly what GOD said. Just as Adam heard, but remember Eve wasnt made yet.

2nd Hand and Hand; Yes; just like Jesus and Satan. Jesus sits at God's Right hand and Satan at God's Left, And if you wanted to see what GOD Almighty Looks like as our Father AND Mother, than look at Yourself. Your own Human genetic of Xy= All Males and XX= All FeMales. So our Father and Mother as One X(yX)X shows a Female Goddess with "Its seed in itself" One Son "y" Jesus and Daughter X which is Satan and His Opposite.

3 The King of Kings must have a Queen, and a Prince must have have a Princess, although also known as His Treacherous sister Judah, Satan roars like a Lion because She is actually a Lioness, the fierest of Beast in Protection of HER Children.

4. From the Beginning GOD said over and over "Male and Female made He them; Well doesnt it make sences that the one known as the Bridgroom to Come would have a Wife of His Own? Let us be happy, and rejoice and give honor to him for the Marriage of the Lamb, has come and His wife hath made Herself Ready! Dont you think God want a ReUnion, Weeding and then Wedding just like its says in revelations.

So it ends up Jesus and Satan get married, because although She lost her power due to the blood He shed at Calvary She was also Saved, Washed Clean, as the Lost Black Sheep of the Family. God's Lunatic Daughter whose made a lot like Her Mother X and Father X, and Just like Jesus who was born from a real human Virgin Woman XX.

Peace out
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