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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/3/12 17:03
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2006/1/6 1:42
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I think you may have swayed from the question, although many of you came close to the anwser.

1st it wasnt an Apple that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was a PEAR and PAIR because GOOD AND EVIL go hand and hand. I say a Pear because that kind of Tree has EARS and Heard exactly what GOD said. Just as Adam heard, but remember Eve wasnt made yet.

2nd Hand and Hand; Yes; just like Jesus and Satan. Jesus sits at God's Right hand and Satan at God's Left, And if you wanted to see what GOD Almighty Looks like as our Father AND Mother, than look at Yourself. Your own Human genetic of Xy= All Males and XX= All FeMales. So our Father and Mother as One X(yX)X shows a Female Goddess with "Its seed in itself" One Son "y" Jesus and Daughter X which is Satan and His Opposite.

3 The King of Kings must have a Queen, and a Prince must have have a Princess, although also known as His Treacherous sister Judah, Satan roars like a Lion because She is actually a Lioness, the fierest of Beast in Protection of HER Children.

4. From the Beginning GOD said over and over "Male and Female made He them; Well doesnt it make sences that the one known as the Bridgroom to Come would have a Wife of His Own? Let us be happy, and rejoice and give honor to him for the Marriage of the Lamb, has come and His wife hath made Herself Ready! Dont you think God want a ReUnion, Weeding and then Wedding just like its says in revelations.

So it ends up Jesus and Satan get married, because although She lost her power due to the blood He shed at Calvary She was also Saved, Washed Clean, as the Lost Black Sheep of the Family. God's Lunatic Daughter whose made a lot like Her Mother X and Father X, and Just like Jesus who was born from a real human Virgin Woman XX.

Peace out
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/3/15 8:37
2004/3/26 7:04
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I hear some of this point, there is much speculation in what you say though, as in Satan sits at the left hand side of God this would mean God was duelling in his throne room this doesn’t happen.
When I died and went there you had Buddha, Lao Tzu and other sages through history who have proved them self’s at God’s left and at God’s Right you have Christ and others who are warriors for God; the same as a throne room is set up.
These are what people call the ascended master or elders in revelations.
Now I will agree on that yes there is something in the bible it is trying to say with this of Christ on the right hand side.
It runs all the way through and I could get you the scriptures, yet this is the point!
Christ sits at the right hand side, as does the foaming cup of wine sent to challenge Babylon, the people get drunk on the dead prophets blood, according to revelations and we have communion where people drink wine figuratively drinking Christ blood.
The bible or maybe I should say God does not condone drinking.
This is where we have an error in translations as Christ said at the last supper “I ask that you do not drink of the vine until the coming of the kingdom” not “I will not…….”
He also said that anyone who gives a disciple any more then water will be counted.

Why do I say this???

Well Christ was a Nazarite this is explained in numbers 6 and is for someone who separates them selves to God. This means no drinking or coming near any dead flesh or dead creatures.

So would Christ go around teaching to drink is ok?

No!!! he didn’t the book of John is all false, as far as I am concerned I can show so many errors even in the bit most people will; think as I am saying this i.e. the wedding feast and how Christ turned water to wine. So did Christ blatantly break the 5th commandment as I would say the way he spoke to his mother breaks this? Yet anyways, I don’t accept John, as truth yet mealy hearsay given to the Pharisees.

So what am I trying to say?
That the test is God clearly condemns drinking; and the drinking of blood or flesh is enough to be chucked out.

So what are people playing at?
Let’s help them!

As how many attended Paul and John’s made up communion and think they are doing well?

You discuss the fall, what happens if the fruit falls of a tree it ferments and snakes eat it off the floor.
Now Eve eat fermented fruit what do we call this? Alcohol
What happen when you have a drink?
You eat the old you become the old!

No man drinks old wine and talks of the new for he says the old is better!

People regress the talk about the past, they set them self in a cast.

Do you see what I am trying to say?

It is really tricky to see this as half the picture is covered as you have the books of Paul, John and Simon peter that are Goats and you have the books of the disciples ect that are sheep and follow closely.

Please ask the points that need explaining….

N B with U
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/3/17 2:13
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
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Hi Christian,

Let me give you my understanding of your question. Jesus is diety, and satan is not. Apparently Diety has a feminine couterpart. Let me explain. The bible mentions the Father, and Holy Spirit.

Then it mentions Jesus and the Holy Ghost. The Holy spirit or "El Shaddia" is the Fathers feminine counterpart. They are married, as they begot Jesus. But Jesus was born a twin, his feminine counterpart is the Holy Ghost or Shekinah; whom Jesus will marry at the marriage supper of the lamb, spoken of in the bible. There will be bridesgrooms and bridesmaids and the 144,000 are at this wedding.

Satan wants a feminine counterpart like God and Jesus has, but its my understanding God has blocked that and told satan "NO". Because satan is not a God, plus hes insane anyways. Its rumured that satan coveted Shekinah or Jesus twin sister, when she was born. And that is actually why he started his fall.

. Lillith is sometimes seen as this, as satans feminine counterpart. There is a girl that manifests a lot to dying people from another astral plane, claiming to be satans wife called "Linda". Satan has many brides around planet earth. One for each time table, around earth, and he manifests and visits them often. In spite of his human brides, ansd spiritual feminine creations, none of them can do what the holy spirit or holy ghost can do; because none of them are diety, like these two are. It appears there are four in the godhead and not three.

Anywho its Shekinah or the "holy ghost" who is Jesus bride and feminine counterpart. Satan has no such thing, but only replicas and assorted attempts to duplicate this. Not being diety, he is handicapped somewhat, thank God for that! ...This understanding comes from 35 yrs of study and such..Its pretty close to the truth..peace!

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Is Satan the Sister Spirit and Espoused Wife of Jesus Christ Posted on: 2006/3/17 4:11
Oy that's my name!

It means 'beautiful' in Spanish

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