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This Site Belongs to the Messiah Here Before Judgement Day Posted on: 2021/11/13 0:47
2004/3/26 7:04
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For those who don't understand religious prophecy globally; I've been sent back before the Great Tribulation, where I've known this since early childhood, before reading any books.

At 15 God told me to read the world's religions, and explained global eschatology. Soon regardless of anyone accepting me as the return of the Messiah, millions will die because of the Mark of the Beast causing adverse side affects (Revelation 16:2), and there will be a war in the middle east between Israel and Iran.
The Euphrates has already dried up ahead of Armageddon (Revelation 16:12).

The Rabbinic Jews, and Zionist are to be removed by God for making up Christianity (John, Paul, Simon). I've tried for 15 years+ to appeal to the Rabbinic Jewish ambassador The Seventh Beggar on Paltalk, who instead of use the data God gave me to free you, has asked for when the date is for your destruction.

Thus as prophesied there will be no warning of the coming Judgement Day Fire. This is also prophesied in Hindu text as Skanda/Kalki before Mahapralaya. In the Zoroastrian text as the Saoshyant, where Zand means Exegesis, and the person comes to open the books before Frashokereti.

Many of these religious texts warn that people won't listen to the final messenger, and God told me as a child this would happen. The Quran confirms this in chapter 43, which is about prophets coming with clear signs, and being rejected. In Quran 43:60-77 the Messiah returns before Judgement Day, with clear signs, yet isn't noticed. We can find My Name in the World's Religious Texts as a sign to mankind before it happens.

I've also spent 17 years on Religious, until they banned me for trying to create peace among the religions, as they saw that as proselytizing.

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