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Re: Jedi Training starting here soon Posted on: 2006/2/19 20:00

suzyq wrote:
Master Yoda...

Allow me to walk the double edged sword (The two edged sword is the Bilical refrence in Revelations), while carrying the purple light saber, blindfolded.

Is it not "my" illusion?
On Which website did you write it?
What is the Web?
where is the computer?
Where are the buildings?
Where is Earth?
What is matter?
What is maya?
YYYYYYYYYYYYYY.....................To infinity?

Have I still retained, free will?


Willingly, I manifest a new destiny...

The true battle has always been within my own mind.

To state there is a battle, is to create one, to accept peace, is to be one with peace.
Do not grasp for peace, else it will not be peace, peace is within you.

Oneness is within you

Yet also EGO is within you young one, and this is the dark side of which many speak.

To control this yes first we must understand the mind as you have trained, I can see in martial arts then you are aware of the pyrimd of health that must be maintained.

Mind Body and ....?
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Re: Jedi Training starting here soon Posted on: 2006/2/19 20:29
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
Posts: 90

How quickly you caught the battle within, as it reflects without. Any thought held in mind can be then manifested for good or evil within ones mind, ONENESS then makes it everyones problem or solution, wouldn't you suppose?

When actually it is my more Buddhist belief that happiness and suffering come from my own mind, not from outside. My own mind is the cause of such happiness and suffering. Obtaining either is grasping unless I work from with the mind. This is where free will manifests in a decision or choice for each soul.

Off to my random tasks, purposeless, non-sensical duties...yes master I will humbly serve and seek to reduce the amount of apparent ego that runs rampant within this being.
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Re: Jedi Training starting here soon Posted on: 2006/2/19 22:36
Ok step one

If we understand that many say we are the temple of God, Yets God's throne room is the Heavens i.e. Oneness

This can be part of us if we accept it

We have to realise that no image we can give is worthy of what is the maker of the book of life.

The maker is beyond, the creation.

If you have a painting, you have a painter.

Yet the painting is not, the painter, even though you can see parts of the painter, within the painting.

Do you see what we are getting at, a 2 dimensional image is a picture.

So free your self of all EGO as you are them and they are you, what you feel can effect them and them you.

So be at one in your self and they will be one with you.
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Re: Jedi Training starting here soon Posted on: 2006/2/20 0:21
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
Posts: 90
I allowed a nap...
reenergized the body, mind and breath or spirit.

In my dream I recalled what I meant to convey and it was that the Spirit literally meant the Breath and to Breath as is referred to Life. Divine Life is the Breath of the Holy Spirit.

I was brought back through memories of the creation story in the Bible and how the Breath created everything even was placed within Adam.

As a Christian by nature I see and feel the Holy Spirit or Breath alive everywhere in all things.

The Buddhist nature which also recides within my heart would say the same Spirit is the ultimate source of aliveness.

I choose to embrace the similarities, rather than find differneces to compare or make mention of.

I have found that in touching Breath I am also touching God. Novice in all things, taking photographs of water in the vapor state, my breath against the backdrop of the night just before dawn in the chill of freezing cold, however still the winds, amidst the nakedness of the Winter trees appearing to the glance of an eye to be asleep, yet busy at work preparing to bloom once again in a matter of weeks for all to see in that wonderous amazement we call Spring. The awakening, their new season of growth. I do indeed find God in all the photogrphs I take. Certainly two dimensional the photographer and the subject, yet if you look deep, the Oneness is present always.

I watch in the darkness, now capable of being the observer of my breath against such a bacdrop as this. It becomes a moment to cherish and I do not feel the cold.

Love and Light,
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