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Shooting Stars Posted on: 2006/4/18 8:47
Guiding stars

If you know someone who is likly to be a star in the sense of spirit don't forget....

A star burns out, if it doesn't have it's own orbit and just charges off....
The orbit needs to be in a community of stars to help guide it and center it.
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Re: Shooting Stars Posted on: 2006/4/23 19:16
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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Deeply profound!

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Re: Shooting Stars Posted on: 2006/4/23 23:49
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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This is why Yashua came to join us back unto the family of God. Jesus left the 99, to save the one lost planet. His allegory was that of sheep and a shepard, but it applys to earth also. Becoming a part of the family of God, connects us back into a proper orbit, and more importanty- a proper center. And as "star" children we can glorify best, connected to that.

There are indeed many burned out stars on earth today. Its our job to get as many as will, fired back up, shining with the radiance of "spirit", that is from above. As above, so below! amen....

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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