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Guest wrote:
Hi , I was quite spiritual till one year back, with total and blind faith in God. And it was my blind faith in God that got me deceived, in the name of God and i cracked up when i realized i was being deceived, manipulated, by someone with magical powers. Ever since that time I have lost myself and have become some kind of a lunatic monster. I dont pray anymore, I dont have any faith.

Hi... I can relate. You still have faith, it is just misplaced and confused. You no longer have faith in what it is that deceived you. There still is "A God"... let him be the creator. Have you turned to science? Who is the creator in scientific terms? The universe created itself right? The big bang. Now the creator is still omnipresent. The creator is still the creator. You are a part of the creator, hence you can create as well. Everything the creator can do, it is a part of you too. Don't be lost. I have been through what you are going through. Seek for truth now. We have all been deceived, you are not alone. Yet, remember... it is us that deceived ourselves. Don't misplace hate and blame.. it should be accounted for in your own actions. Now is the age of personal, emotional and mental in depth responsibility. It's not a time for blame. If you are lost and you can fix it... fix it... do not become your own problem.

Peace and love,
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