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The Child Of God Posted on: 2004/8/11 3:54
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The Child Of God
By Jacqueline Amos

Oh thy humble child of God, your love glows within your smile. The softness of a gentle heart, the laughter you bring others, without asking for anything in return, there are many who come in the name of our God, the pure and the meek is the symbol of Gods blessed child. There are so many, who claim to be the chosen one, the given and the humble shall always be identified with the glow of God.

The child comes with the spoken words, the child who speaks in a soft tone, the tears that it sheds for the earth, forsaken self, feeling the pain of its brother, even when he bleeds from his hands. The scars that he wears upon his back, the labor that he gives free of charge, who is the child of God, Creation is a tool, but the behavior is the actions that represents the child of love. The sick that he visit with care, the hungry man who he feeds, from his table with one slice of bread.

The tears that he cries for the earth, the prayers he sings, not for his self, oh thee, oh thee, oh thee, the child of God. Humanity the service to God, the peace maker who fights for peace, the litigations of love, his daily bread, the spoken words of love, the child who never closes his eyes, when harm comes to a child.

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Re: The Child Of God Posted on: 2004/9/9 5:31
bless you my brother I have something I want to share with you it is important please email me.
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