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nursey ryme to fight the plague Posted on: 2004/8/17 12:27
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2004/7/10 13:09
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[sung]it is forehead that eye nose cause ears it the mouth blows [blow],[speak]and don't be teeth 'in[slang for steal]cause it's cheeky.[om style/chrystal sound]chhhhhiiiiinnnnnnn.
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Re: nursey ryme to fight the plague Posted on: 2006/1/31 14:36
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2005/12/31 8:22
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So deep...I've pondered this one for more than a week. Best to call me on the head set, Sweetie! Yet...I am tenacious none the less.

This is what I humbly offer in response...

Engage the whole self in every spiritual pursuit. You were so straightforward, cutting through the barbs. I sensed a genius of Tantra seeping forth. An area I have much to learn about.

MOUTH: Mmmmmm! Mantras convert noise into sound and distraction then becomes a holy manifestation. These harmonics will move both the listener and the practitioner deeply. I love to hear Mmmmmm! Sound from my own mouth, especially when surrounded by water. Although I will honestly tell you I practice many mantras regularly. I am in deepest gratitude when a friend remembers to Mmmmmm back to me within the space of a day. I often wonder, even giggle as the sound resonates through my chakras if they truly know what this means to me. How this creates a gap in my experience intimately shared between us? Never let a gap pass you by.

HANDS: Mundras are the dance of the hands rather beautifully choreographed and sacred. Purposeful and an art all their own. Yet have you ever watched even a small child as they discover their hands for the first time....what an art form this discovery is. Yet another wonder to behold.

EYES: Mandalas treat the eyes to icons whose holy beauty draws the beholder in their direction. Whether created of sand, paints, clay, rock, crayons, markers, fabric, no matter, they draw the artist and the observers into the expereince.

A wonderful tool of self discovery is creating one of your own. Feeling less than creative, coloring books are available to get you started. Try it! For me witnessing the creation of one is even more of a gift and a treasure to behold. I will sit in silence endlessly as life unfolds before and within me. A shift happens each and every time...experiential, yes. Words can not convey such an experience. Get out there and enjoy!

Our senses reveal to us how our bodies move energy through rather than blocking it, locking it in or merely derailing the flow. As a (beginner 15 years) healer though, I will caution you this is a moment to moment concious choice.
How will you work with your senses? Action is required. It is not automatic for most.

CHEEKS: A personal memory today so strong, my own cheeks ache as I recall the experience of attending a Tibetan Buddhist, open to the public ceremony, my eyes interlocked for hours during the ceremony with a wonderous Monk who opened my eyes and heart to such wonders that evening. His rosy cheeks and brilliant smile reflected back my own and together we were filled with deep peace and joy. Rather than mere hours, I would have retold this story as if I had spent a lifetime in this embrace, cheek to cheek.

NOSE: Keep at it...Practice! I grew up hearing, a type A personality story, which probably did me little service looking back, which went like this..."Keep your nose to the grind stone." I am uncertain I ever knew what this really meant. Obviously, it was from a time I did not know. Yet, within me a strong work ethic errupted. Today, I would refer to it as tenacity.

Much thanks to the Author Huston Smith, Guidance and Gratitude: The Worlds Religions

The other senses all 6 were here. Did you find them?

I Know in my heart those who have taken the time to read these words have much to add, memories and experiences to share and ask that you take a few moments to do so with us now. Remember you are accepted, loved and encouraged to share openly always.

Love and Light,
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