Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/27 20:22
That is so funny, maybe I should cut my lobes off and point my ears! Yes I do believ in fairies, I seen em before a few yrs ago, when I broke into the matrix one night by accident. They are so cute, I really like them....dude here...
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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/28 7:46
2004/3/26 7:04
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You may think itís funny, yet for me I find it heart breaking as I have observed millions of people and find it to be true.
Imagine like in the time of Moses, where they had to paint a cross over their door, the same happens, when the photon belt hits, i.e. rapture, coming of Christ with the host of heaven.
That those with long ear lobes have shown that they are more money orientated or lower level thinking.
That for many like this, they will not be able to cope with the ascension, and why two will be in the field, one will be left the other taken.
The one left is the one who can accept a higher level of consciousness, the one taken is that their consciousness canít cope and so get absorbed back into the matter.
Anyways just a thought, yet it would make sense of all of the prophecies.

N B with U
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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/10/9 15:14
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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/10/12 0:04
Hi Wizanda, its Dude here. I am glad to see your heart broken over so many millions being lost to darkness. That is a good sign. In Ezekial 9:1-6 it tells us about God sending a man with an ink pen, to go thru the church and mark all those sighing and crying for the abominations. Then after this man gets done, he reports back to God. God then sends death spirits to the church to kill men, women and every child, and God says to start with the oldest first - but not to kill those who have the mark, of sighing and crying.. So you are on the right tract. Still doesnt help tho, knowing so many are in so much darkness, when there is so much light to be had...peace

The ascension? Two are in the field, one is taken and one is left.. I am not sure its just about being able to accept a higher consciousness. I feel it has other requirements also Wizanda. Because God does not have robots. Many who are taken, is because they are good people, they follow the golden rule, of doing unto others, as you want to be done by. Heaven and eternal life are given because of our willingness to love one another, even our enemys. We are the only class of people on earth, who would give a drink of water to our enemy, because Jesus taught us that.

Those who are picked to go to ascension, its because of character. One can be highly ascended in consciousness, but not be of good character. I know of satanists who can travel astral planes, levitate, dematerialize and re-materialze on the other side of earth, they can walk the stars in their spirit bodys; but their characters are so demented, they will never be given eternal life and allowed to cross over. Its really about character, and not abilitys of consciousness. Jesus said it best, He said there will be many who have never heard of me, who will make it to eternal life because they are good people. And its as simple as that. Its about character, who are we, what are we like, are we nice and good to others? Things like that, is what determines ascension. Of course I know you already know these things Wizanda. But maybe someone else didnt know, soz I posted that...peace
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