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Re: politics/religion OR spirituality Posted on: 2006/12/12 10:15
2004/3/26 7:04
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who would want too ascend into heaven and miss out on all the fun everyone will receive, if they mess with nature much more...we are a good surfer

Then guess all would be back to Politics and Spirituality as one regardless...bit hard to say this is our government building, if they all get washed away...

So on the one hand, while they implement our own destruction…..

Due to this politics can be paid off more to hurt the one friend it is said to look after...

Being the 5th commandment, which many fail to notice look after your father and mother...well if Yeshua said we have one father...and the commandment is actually written for “God gave you the land”....Mother earth is that in again if both were one again...this is far easier to fix....

like this for example...say you become pope...yes you have tons of political power and we all see this and know he has....yet then when if you were a noble man and people could look up to you as a true symbolic representative of God and not the devil its self, for many in these days...being those Revelations we lived most of this have watched it happen to us...through not much choice of our we would have avoided be honest....yet is almost finished…

We love everyone, just feel that peoples are a law unto them self’s....yet maybe this is why this needs looking at....

As if a law unto them self is issued by said persons heart, then the heart that is taught would then inform of correct thinking.....

yet when we have a broken chalice, to begin with being that of the broken cup of Christ given over to Babylon, so much is hard to see the wood for the trees....Alcohol cause ego…no political person or religious shall drink! Those who drink old wine, speak of old things!

We need an understanding between us of a council of Zion...again as we posted somewhere the Pollish made and have succeed making a round table for peace talks....this is the land of eagles and very proud of them in this is an optimum way to communicate with process of talks....

Yet if we check their history books which are very much like our own...there is this constant divided between the different sect of Christianity, Judaism and the rest getting muddled in the process....

Now when that is the conscious format a person will choose and put on things as that is where they are taught to believe they come from....

some of us are stronger and don't keep coming back again...not that religion will stop you ascending...just it is confusing after reading what is required of a person soul to ascend....why now we are repeating what we all should have known and wanted as children...

So lets try our hardest to make it a place all children will grow up as one...not so many sections....

As in politics it will also hold us back as it says this country makes more then that, while men compete in such things we will never win....

maybe with more women before hand this wouldn't have happened...yet men are far more egotistical and to walk alone if needs must or didn't…. as in we have so many languages non of us understand each other from one country to another....we try our hardest to learn the languages straight away in any persons languages, we meet....yet still why?

yet it caught me when I watched a mother teaching the child German....whilst me and the child could communicate in tongues using the frequency scale, the same as with birds, that Snow Raccoon posted after me explaining (God bless her

Me and dogs can, ask me friends who observe their Dog chat with me or my funny...all these extra closes on words that don't need it so later after children age, we don't understand to play?.....

Very strange...or is it or is it all politics and greed to begin...let separate our self’s and have our own state?

Why would anyone want to make it that the family separated? Which are now not all one, when once brother and its mad when they divided us and call us different…. yet we know we are not and the only way for any of us to ever get ascended truly, is to come down off the mountain and be with the peoples....

so if we can clear this gap that divided the separation of religion and politics, that of that God is at the fore front of all motive with in our own states, to start bridging the gap; we may get further...

one big problem in the past though we do see is the antics of tyranny as clearly recorded in the Pazand....being a very old text explaining much of what has taken place...with roughly “rulers using religion as politics and not as oneness”......

Oneness is all is one....the moment we start making laws as Moses did under his father-in law (NOT GOD!!!) is the moment it got daft....

Why Yeshua, Mohammed, American Indian texts and what must be millions pointed out how wrong in visions and prophecies....

yet none notice this and is carried on lets add another law if that one doesn’t fit....

well it may be what they call an ism, yet Tao or Dao of the Tao Te Ching…. It Isn’t an Ism also same as true Buddhism can’t be an ism! is a philosophy in state of mind and the state of a state...that people will want to be in unity if the state lets them be in unity...

Do believe this had succeed and there was a vast unity taking place until...

Now when in the middle of all of this we have major thorn being the Vatican, who has such great wealth of private motives…let this be a centre in the world as it is and then we can begin; else look what’s happening…
Think then funny thing in me stating that we would like to be pope, is that we don’t question it….if God wants us to we would and do believe it may be meant…as when watching them elect?
How on earth oh yes sorry it is earth not the ways of God….a pope is chosen by God from birth…very clearly not a group or community…must be mad….and why we got so mad to watch it…
The fly’s need clearing out the building the love needs putting back in….
Why don’t churches get full they are boring…why the people choose it like that…? I didn’t…we didn’t we want a place to go out and communicate in alight heart fashion with others who care about what happens to our community surrounding us…each and every last one of us do….yet when we are have these full of dead men’s bones being the idea of Christ on a cross is so wrong!

So where and why do churches shut their doors…when these are the places that cities and communities were built on… maybe if they weren’t so full of gold from government pay off in the first place and selling poor peoples wealth for money?

What would any true man of God need money for? Take neither rooks nor staff… that says a lot…and this is not doing globally….we don’t wish to get mad as the last time we did we watched the news on boxing day and “honestly” don’t want arrows to go flying from us again….as the sun smile on me writing…lol

Point being this isn’t some joke on our own behalf and never has….yet some peoples we see their smirk when they got in…we see what is there…do you see us? So as for enlightenment and unity…we sit waiting and when more of said peoples, who claim to be help realize that we do mean it…..then it might finally get started…..

N B with U
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Re: politics/religion OR spirituality Posted on: 2006/12/17 6:44
Just popping in
2006/12/6 3:34
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Vanda - karma is very defined matter in our etheric body.
Affecting many things until erased - and karma is'nt just erased by saying a few mumbo jumbo words - or thinking it away.
It takes a very specific action - by your consciousmind, souls and angelics.
Until it is erased, it affects our unconsciousmind. It makes us think and react in ways we would rather not.
We have had thousands of pastlives/incarnations - and each life we just accrued more and more.

Religions? - Here i am talking 'ascension'. We ascend in 'sovereignty'.. no attachments to anything - nothing.
including Buddhism.
Religions do not hold any ascension truths. Nor do they connect you to your own spiritual guidance, as that is acquired by the constancy of going within. (in fact relgions 'take' more than they give).

Namaste and Blessings
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Re: politics/religion OR spirituality Posted on: 2006/12/18 4:35
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
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This is better than TV.
I find your correspondence delightful.
I dissagree that spirituality is "all about
adhering to spiritual laws", but other
than that we're good.


the missing link
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