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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2005/3/1 14:28
2004/3/26 7:04
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well on to the question at hand then, why are we here?

I agree with what you say about cause and effect through lifes ie Karma
I have met many people i have known, from other lifes and sometimes know why they have the lifes they do

Yet as you apper to know, it is deeper then that, as this is just the roles we play

as we can see the future, it must also be already recorded as you say in your record example and by sticking the needle at the end we can see the end of the song?

So why would all these people be suffering and playing out records, when it is already possible to hear the whole track?

Is it that we are to see if it works and which way works best

yet if God can give me miracles that defy time by being there as i need them, then he must also see all of time to make it so?

So is this just a test? to see if we have the will power to stand up and change the song to what would be a better melody?
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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2005/3/6 0:11
The first thing to remember is that we are souls. God is another soul which never took a birth; therefore he is beyond the physical laws and beyond dualism. As souls we have a physical experience of life. In this life we express our unique roles and we experience our unique roles too. This is the "meaning" of life. To be able to express and experience.

This life is an eternally predestined drama. We are therefore actors, we take a different role everytime we take a body, according to our actions. Every soul has different capacity to interpret a role, just like actors in a movie. Some are fitted for some roles more than others. The souls has recorded all the roles which come "alive" the minute we are conscient of the "scene". Consciousness is the key word. The record will play according to time. In the physical world, we need to experience dualism, ying-yang, or reciprocity. We know what happiness is because we know what suffering is. We forget because we can remember. There was a moment in history which was known as "paradise", "atlantis", "lemuria", etc... which existed on earth. A time, when humans were soul conscious. Now humans are body conscious, in other words, we moved from one state into another, we moved from happiness into suffering (wars, disease, premature death, greed, lust, ego, attachment, etc).. we are moving back again into the other side, meaning; soul consciousness. God's role is to remind us who we are, to remind us that due to this dualism, we are going back to another age and we need to be aware of this. There is God who is a soul, beyond experiences, and there is the "Drama". Things like "miracles" are fixed in this drama; however nothing long lasting is attained through them. There is no Knowledge of God, no knowledge of who we are and no knowledge of this eternal predestined drama. "Miracles" happen and we forget about them. It reminds us that there is something divine after all; however soon we usually go back into the "rat race"of what we call life and forget our experience. This is the drama of forgetting and remembering, victory and defeat, happiness and suffering, day and night. We are inmortal beings having consciousness of this physical custome but ignoring our true nature. We become attached to our limited custome, we suffer. We don't learn, we remember. Everything is recorded in the soul. We have done it countless times, and we will again. For eternity.
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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2005/4/15 20:00
This sounds like Brahma Kumaris. Very deep philosophy.
Good stuff!

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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2005/4/16 15:36
What if God is oneness and all conscious thought in one place not just a single entity, yet all entities on a subatomic level combined in one, learning as we do.
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