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If you are new to the net, You need to secure your PC!! Posted on: 2005/2/23 14:51
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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For many people the net is not a safe place!!
To try and make things easier i have added to the download section on the site most things you need!!
To keep your PC free of errors!!
all the stuff i have add is free from respectable sources!
Since many people do this for some sort of payment, i thought i would add it all for free from free sources!!
i have tried many diffrent systems my self and these are what i use on my own PC.
all of the software is reliable and secure with free updates unlike a lot of other i have tried that you pay for!
So if you donĀ“t know hwta you are doing on the net i advice you to get all the bits, ie firewall, anti virus and spy ware detector and destroyer
Safer surfing
peace B with U
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