Does Hebraic Theology Make More Sense in a Hindu Context? Posted on: 2017/11/19 11:15
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In Hinduism there is one ultimate manifestor of reality (Brahman), and then representatives that have been seen in physical form called Avatars (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Krishna, etc).

According to a growing number of scholars, when we examine the earlier Biblical text, there was one God Most High, [URL='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elyon']who divided the nations among the Elohim[/URL], and gave YHVH Elohim the nation of Israel as his people (Deuteronomy 32.8).

This then makes loads more sense of why the early Christian church accepted a concept of Yeshua Elohim being a son of the God Most High (El Elyon - Luke 1:32), and God Almighty (El Shaddai - Revelation 21:22).

In Revelation 4:4 there are 24 Elders sitting around the Throne of God Almighty, with the Lamb being one of them in Revelation 5:6.

These are thus similar to the 24 Elders/Avatars/Elohim, who have come here in different forms for us to understand the divine.

To me anything that is seen in a physical form is not the God Most High, which is like a CPU processing and creating reality; thus it is impossible for it to have walked with Adam, to have wrestled with Jacob (Israel), and to have eaten with Abraham.

There are scriptures that say YHVH Elohim is the one who created reality, and the Lord is One; this is similar to what Brahma did in terms of creating realities design, and how Krishna says the same thing in the Gita, that it is One God, yet it recognizes that Brahman is the ultimate formless source of reality.

So basically have the Jews after the Babylonian exile confused everyone with their concepts that Elohim can be seen both plural and singular depending on context, when really it was meaning Avatars all along?

This is my understanding of Oneness, God Most High/Brahman is One, the ultimate source of reality; with everything stemming from it, and the representatives recognize that the CPU is the source of all that exists.

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