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13 Dimensions Meditation Posted on: 2018/2/10 9:33
2004/3/26 7:04
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The 13 dimensions is something i've seen in my NDE, cross referenced with many religious ideas, especially the 10 commandments already fitting.

  • Remember that the CPU is the only thing that is self existing, and that can be sure of saying 'I Am'.
  • Don't worship Images, as everything is made manifest by the CPU.
  • No bad harmony, as reality is all energy.
  • Remember linear time is an illusion, and be still to reflect on it.
  • Gravity is caused by bad deeds, thus clean within.
  • All matter is one, be kind to all.
  • All consciousness is interconnected, be true in mind.
  • We can not steal a place within Infinity.
  • Look at the bigger picture to see past the lies.
  • Lose selfish desires to detach from the Matrix.
  • Share unconditional love with all reality.
  • Wisdom is found by seeking the core of Oneness.
  • The CPU is interconnected to everything, it is only by letting go that it allows us to connect (Yoga).

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